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Roy Acuff  Classic Country,   ''Smoke on the Water'' , ''Night Train to Memphis''  , ''The Great Speckled Bird''  , ''Don't Be Angry''

Kaye Adams  Classic Country,  "Roll Out The Red Carpet"

Tiny Adams  Classic Country, ''Long Gone Daddy''

Clay Allen Classic Country, ''I'm Changing The Numbers On My Telephone''

Red Allen & The Kentuckians,

Rex Allen  Classic Country, ''Only The HANGMAN Is Waitin' For Me'' , ''Knock Knock Rattle'' , ''Cowpoke''(1951)

Betty Amos  Classic Country,  ''18 Wheels A Rollin''

Lynn Anderson, Classic Country,  ''Rose Garden''

Jim Eanes Classic Country,  ''Wiggle Worm Wiggle'' , ''In A Little Spanish Restaurant''  , ''Dont Stop Now''

Bill Anderson  Classic Country, "I Wonder If God Likes Country Music" 1987 , ''Bright lights and Country Music''  , ''Po Folks'' , ''Still''

Lynn Anderson  Classic Country, ''Rose Garden'' , ''These Boots Are Made For Walkin'' , "I've Been Everywhere"(1968)

The Armstrong Twins  Classic Country ,''Alabama Baby'' 1949 , ''Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday'' 1946 , ''Three Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas''

Eddy Arnold  Classic Country, ''Cattle Call'' ,Eddy Arnold & Hank Garland , ''Anytime''

Les "Carrot Top" Anderson  Classic Country , ''32 Riverside Drive'' , ''Little Red Wagon'' , ''No Help Wanted''

Charline Arthur  Classic Country,  ''I Heard About You'' 1953 , ''I'm In Love With Someone's Used To Be'' , Various Home Movies , ''Looking At The Moon Wi shing''  ''Gospel song'' , ''I'm Having A Party All By Myself'' , Live Footage 1955

Bob Atcher  Classic Country,  ''Christmas Island''  , ''The Smoke Comes Out My Chimney''

Chet Atkins  Classic Country,  ''Black Mountain Rag'' , ''Mr. Sandman'' (TV 1954) , ''Ozark Jubilee''  1958 , "Orange Blossom Special"  , "Classical Gas"

Wendell Austin  Classic Country, ''LSD Made A Wreck Of Me'' , ''The Trucker's Chapel'' , ''The Battle of Vietnam''

GENE AUTRY  Classic Country,  ''SILVER HAIRED DADDY OF MINE'' , Gene Autry , ''Back In the Saddle''

Hoyt Axton  Classic Country, ''Boney Fingers'' "Della And The Dealer"

Shorty Bacon,  Classic Country,  ''What's Wrong With You''  , ''Stand up fool'' , ''A Day Late And A Dollar Short''

The Bailes Brothers Classic Country,  ''My Heart Echoes''  , ''That's What We Need''

Ramblin' Red Bailey  Classic Country, ''8 Weeks in a Barroom''

Johnny Banjo, Classic Country, ''Banjo lovin' hound dog''

Bobby Bare  Classic Country,  ''Detroit City'' ''500 miles'' ,  ''I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman''  , ''THE DIET SONG''

Jack Barlow  Classic Country,  ''I've Been Kicked Around By Experts'' , ''Child Bride'' , ''Baby, Ain't That Love'' , ''I Love Country Music'' , ''Son Of The South'' , ''They Call The Wind Maria''

Delbert Barker  Classic Country  ''So Doggone Lonesome'' , ''How About A Handout''

Benny Barnes  Classic Country,  live in Beaumont, Texas , ''Gold records in the snow'' , ''Bar With No Beer''

BILLY BARTON  Classic Country, ''THE DEVIL, MY CONSCIENCE, And I'' , ''DOORWAY TO HEAVEN'' , Johnny Horton & Billy Barton ''Bawlin' Baby''  , ''Pardon Me, Old Buddy''

CLYDE BEAVERS  Classic Country, ''Here I Am Drunk Again''

Carl Belew Classic Country, more info. ''Slowley Your Drivin You Out of my Mind''  , "Lonely Street"

Blankenship Brothers,  Classic Country, ''Lonesome Old Jail''  , ''That's Why I Am Blue'' , ''Waiting For A Train'' , ''Mary'' (1959)

Bobby Braddock  Classic Country,  ''Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller''

Elton Britt , Classic Country, ''The Crawdad Song''  , ''Cannonball Yodel'' , ''Uranium Fever''

Hylo Brown  Classic Country , ''The Needle''  , ''The Hills of Georgia''(1962) , ''Lost to a Stranger'' , ''Busy, Busy Man''

Phil Baugh  Classic Country,  Guitar   Watch Video , "Shadow of Your Smile" At Sam-O-Rama

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Arkey Blue  Classic Country,  ''Too Many Pills'' , ''The Girl She Used To Be''  , ''Living On Credit'' , ''Back Streets Of Bandera''

THE BROWNS  Classic Country, ''Three Bells'' ,''When I Stop Dreaming''

Jim Ed Brown  Classic Country,  ''Pop A Top''

"Jug" Brown  Classic Country,  At Home 1979

Blue Sky Boys  Classic Country,  ''Sunny Side Of Life''  , ''Mary Of The Wild Moor''

Dave Bunker  Classic Country,   on Ozark Jubilee 1960  Duo-Lectar Guitar

Johnny Bond  Classic Country, ''Diggin' for Gold'' - 1950's , ''Ten Little Bottles'' , ''Here Come The Elephants'' , ''SICK SOBER  AND SORRY''  ,  ''Gals don't Mean a Thing''

Carl Butler  Classic Country,  'Honky Tonkitis'' ''She's Gone Gone Gone''  ''Punish Me Tomorrow'' , ''I'm Hanging Up The Phone'', Photos of Carl & Pearl Butler

Carl and Pearl Butler,  Classic Country, ''Punish Me Tomorrow''

Larry Butler,  Classic Country, ''Zactly Like You''

BOBBIE JAN  Classic Country,  ''The Yodeling Whistler'' , ''The Cannonball Yodel''

Jerry Byrd  Classic Country, Steel Guitarist,  Jerry Byrd and Marty Robbins ''Beyond the Reef'' , ''Unknown Hula'' , ''Slippery Elm'' Jerry Byrd ISGC 1997

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Callahan Brothers  Classic Early Country, ''The Little Poplar Log House On The Hill'' , ''OLD JOE CLARK'' , ''Gonna Quit My Rowdy Ways'' , ''OLD JOE CLARK''

Carlisle Brothers  Classic Country,  ''I Paid With a Broken Heart'' , ''Maggie Get The Hammer'' , ''Sal Got A Meatskin''(1933)

Charles ''Shorty'' Brown,  Classic Country,  ''One Gallus Brown''

Bill Carlisle Classic Country,  ''Dirty Old Man''  , ''To Old To Cut The Mustard Anymore''  , ''What Kinda Deal Is This'' , ''Doctor R.D.''

The Carlisles  Classic Country, ''No Help Wanted'' , ''Is Zat You Myrtle' (1953)  , ''T´ain´t Nice''  , ''Knot Hole'' , ''New Liza Jane''

Jack Cardwell  Classic Country, ''Im Not Lazy Im Just Tired'' , ''Slap-Ka-Dab'' 

Cliff Carlisle  Classic Country, Yodeling, ''Red Velvet Slippers'' , ''Gamblin Dan'' 1933 , ''That Nasty Swing''  ,''Tom Cat Blues''

Joe Carson  Classic Country,  ''Three Little Words Too Late'' , ''Double Life & Shoot The Buffalo''  ,  ''Take Me In Your Arms''  , ''Guess you Don´t Love Me Anymore''  , ''Show Me Now''

Anita Carter  Classic Country, ''Ring of Fire'' , Hank Williams Sr & Anita Carter  HERE ,"Tulsa County" live, Nov. 11, 1970     ' 'AS THE SPARROW GOES'' , ''ALL MY TRIALS''  , ''I'm Gonna Leave You''

June Carter  Classic Country,  "It's My Lazy Day" , "Tennessee Mambo" , "No Swallerin' Place" "Eight More Miles to Louisville" , "Ricochet Romance"   , "Baby I Tried"

The Carter Family  Classic Country, ''Can the circle be unbroken'', ''Wildwood Flower'' , JOHNNY CASH & THE CARTER FAMILY 'I Walk The Line''' ''Bury me under the Weeping Willow Tree'', ''Little Moses'' , ''The Broken Engagement''

Mother Maybelle Carter ClassicCountry ,  ''Wildwood Flower'' ,  Autoharp Solo (live 1970) , Mother Maybelle and The Carter Sisters ''Foggy Mountain Top''

Wilf Carter  Classic Country, ''Montana Slim'' , ''Im ragged But Im Right'' , ''There's A Blue Bird On Your Windowsill'' , ''Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La'' ,The Life And Time Wilf Carter Slide Show , ''Cattle Call''

     folk art tramp art outsider art country music links Country Furniture                             folk art tramp art outsider art country music links Country Furniture                            folk art tramp art outsider art country music links Country Furniture

Johnny Cash  more info. Classic Country,  ''I walk the line'' 1964  , ''Get Rhythm'' Norah Jones at , Johnny Cash Tribute ''Home of the Blues'' , ''One on the right''  four Classic Sun Records , ''Big River'' 1959 , ''I Got Stripes'' , ''Pickin' Time'' , ''Frankie And Johnny'' 1958 , ''The Ways Of A Woman In Love'' 1958 , ''You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven'' , ''So Doggone Lonesome'' , ''There You Go'' , ''The Next In Line'' , ''Story of a Broken Heart'' , ''Thanks a Lot''  , One Piece At A Time

Linda Cassady  Classic Country,  "C.B. Widow"  , "Going To The Dogs With A Swingin' Alley Cat"  , "Kokie Mill Road"  , "C.B. Widow"

Les Chambers  Classic Country, ''Hair Today Gone Tomorrow''  , ''Kiss Like That''

''Yodelling'' Slim Clark  Classic Country, Yodeling  ''Yodelling Mad'' , Live - Boothbay Maine 1982

Patsy Cline  Classic Country, ''She's Got You''  , ''I Fall To Pieces'' , ''Crazy''  , ''Blue Moon Of Kentucky'' ,''Sweet Dreams''

Tommy Collins, Classic Country,  ''When Did Right Become Wrong''  , ''Hello Hag'' , ''Those Old Love Letters From You'' , ''All Of The Monkey`s Ain`t In The Zoo'' , "If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl"

Biff Collie  Classic Country, ''Don`t Talk About Love''

Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper  Classic Country ,  ''Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill'' , Wilma Lee Cooper - "Wreck On the Highway " With Interview , ''This Train'' ''Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill''

Howard Collins, Classic Country  ''Friday Blues'' (1964)

Wilma Lee Cooper  Classic Country , ''Philadelphia Lawyer'' ,  ''A Daisy a Day'' , ''We Make A Lovely Couple'' , ''The Tramp On The Street''

Cowboy Copas  Classic Country, ''Feelin' Low''  , ''I'm Hog Tied Over You'' , ''Circle Rock'' (1958)  , ''Don't Shake Hands With The Devil''  , ''Signed, sealed, than forgotten''

Carolina Cotton  Classic Country / Yodeling   Watch Video , Watch Video , "Yodel Mountain" , "I Love to Yodel"

Hank Crowe  Classic Country , ''Love Love Love''

Howard Crockett  Classic Country,  At home in Forth Worth, Texas , ''Honky Tonk Man''  , ''Last Will And Testimony (Of A Drinking Man)''  , ''Out Of Bounds Again''  ''Soap And Water'' , At home in Forth Worth, Texas

Curly Dan & Jim Maynard , Classic Country, ''You`ll Be The One To Cry' ,  ''I Flubbed My Dub''

Dick Curless  Classic Country,''Truck Stop''  , ''Tombstone Every Mile''  , ''Tater Raisin' Man'' , ''Night Train to Memphis'' , ''Highway Man''

Vernon Dalhart  Early Classic Country , ''DEATH OF FLOYD COLLINS'' , ''The Runaway Train''

Donna Darlene, Classic Country, ''Hide & Go Cheat'' , ''Before He Made Me Crawl'' , ''You Can Cry Now''

Jimmy Dallas  Classic Countr,''Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo''(1957) , ''Who Do? Honey You Do & I've Got A Right To Know''  , ''When You're Singing A Hillbilly Song''

Johnny Darrell  Classic Country,  ''The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp''  , ''I Fought The Law'' 1968 , ''With Pen In Hand''

Jimmie Davis  Classic Country, ''Where the Old Red River Flows''

Skeeter Davis  Classic Country, ''Wishful Thinking'' , ''Chained To A Memory'' , ''The End Of The World'', ''Just When I Needed You''

Jimmy Dean  Classic Country ,  ''P.T. 109'' (1962) , ''Little Black Book'' , Rowlf on The Jimmy Dean Show , ''Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette'' , ''Big Bad John'' , Jimmy Dean & Buck Owens - ''Foolin' Around''

Bud Deckelman  Classic Country,  ''The Daydreams'' , ''Fallin, Fallin, Fallin''(1956)  , ''I Gotta Find A Way''(1957)

Delmore Brothers  Classic Country,  ''Blues Stay Away From Me'' , ''Freight Train Boogie'' , ''Old Mountain Dew''  , ''See That Coon in a Hickory Tree''  , ''When They Let The Hammer Down''

Al Dexter  Classic Country,  ''Pistol Packin' Mama'' 1943  , ''Wine, Women And Song'' , ''Honky Tonk Blues'' , ''Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry'' , ''I'm Sending Roses To My Lawyer''

DeZurik Sisters  Classic Country,  Yodeling  ''Hillbilly Bill'',  ''Arizona Yodeler'' , ''Old Dan Tucker'' , ''Guitar Blues'' (1938) , ''Sweet Hawaiian Chimes'' ,

Little Jimmy Dickens  Classic Country,  ''Fireball Mail'' , "Stinky Pass the Hat Around"  , "Black Eyed Joe" 1955  , ''Life Turned Turned Her That Way'' , ''Another Bridge To Burn'' , ''May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose''

Dub Dickerson  Classic Country,  ''I Think I'm Falling In Love''  ,  ''Sweet Bunch Of Bitterweeds'' ,''I Must've Drove My Mules Too Hard''  , ''The Bottle''  , ''My Gal Gertie'' , ''Owl Hoot Blues''(1955?)  , ''All Over You''

Hazel Dickens  Classic Country / Bluegrass, ''The Rebel Girl'' , ''A Few Old Memories'' , A profile of Hazel Dickens, part 1 , part 2 , "Black Lung"  , ''Fire in the hole''

Walter Dixon  Classic Country,  ''Jesus Signed My Pardon''

Doyle & Debbie Classic Country,  ''Fat Women In Trailers''  ,  ''When You're Screwin' Other Women (Think of Me)'' , ''Stock Car Love''

TONY DOUGLAS  Classic Country,  ''TWO AT A TIME''  , ''Old Blue Monday'' , ''Baby When The Sun Goes Down''  , ''Thunder and Lightning''

Norville DollarClassic Country,  ''The Devil Owns Her Soul''  , ''Settle Down And Love Me''

Jerry Dove and his Stringbusters  Classic Country,  "You're Wasting Your Time"

Dave Dudley  Classic Country,  ''SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD'' , ''Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun'' , ''Rollin' Rig''  , ''Vietnam Blues''  ,''If It Feels Good Do It''  ,''Rolaids, Doans Pills, and Preperation H''  , ''Bullshippers'' , ''I Got Lost''

JOHNNY DUNCAN, Classic Country,  ''Dang Me''

Roy Drusky Classic Country,  ''Anymore''  , ''Birmingham Jail''

Roland Eaton  Classic Country,  Live in Memphis

Tibby Edwards  Classic Country,  ''Shift Gears'' , ''I Can't Face The Future'' ,''There Ain't No Better Time''

Mary Ellen,  Classic Country, ''I'd Rather Be Set Free''

Tommy Elliot  Classic Country,  ''Sold Out Doc'' , ''Same Dog Bit Me''

Melvin Endsley  Classic Country,  ''Keep A Lovin' Me Baby'' ,  ''I Like Your Kind Of Love'' , ''I Got A Feeling''

Tommy Faile  Classic Country, ''Big Train'' , ''Brown Mountain Lights'' , ''The Rest of My Life''  , Terry Fell at Country Corner, Nashville, Tn

Jimmy and Johnny Jimmy  Classic Country ,  ''Sweet Love on my Mind''  , ''Sweet Singing Daddy''  , ''If You Don't Somebody Else Will''

Donna Fargo  Classic Country,  ''Daddy'' , ''Country Singer's Wife'' , ''Happiest Girl In The Whole USA''

Boots Faye & Idaho Call  Classic Country, ''I'm Sinkin' In A Hole'' , ''Grinnin Like A Possum'' (1951) , ''They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven'' (1946)

Terry Fell  Classic Country , ''Truck Drivin' Man'' , ''Smoking Cornsilks'' , At Country Corner, Nashville, TN. ''Coffee Jim'' , "Play The Music Louder" , ''That`s What I Like''

Bud Freeman, Classic Country,  ''Because of LSD''

Virgil Fleming  Classic Country, ''Bottom Of The Fifth''

Red Foley  Classic Country , ''Freight Train Boogie'' , ''Salty Dog'' , ''Square Dance Tennessee'' , ''TENNESSEE BORDER''  , ''Never Trust a Woman''

Brownie Ford  Classic Country,  ''The Knoxville Girl''

Tennessee Ernie Ford  Classic Country , ''CRY OF THE WILD GOOSE'' ,  ''16 Tons'' , ''Shotgun Boogie''  , ''CATFISH BOOGIE'' 1953 , TENNESSEE ERNIE & THE DINNING SISTERS ''ROCK CITY BOOGIE''  ''False Hearted Girl'' , ''Hey Mister Cotton Picker'' , ''TAILOR MADE WOMAN'' 1950

Curly Fox  Hillbilly Boogie,  'Mountain Rag'' The story of Curly Fox, Curly Fox 1986 plays in the style of the Skillet Lickers Here

David Frizzell  Classic Country, ''Gonna Hire A Wino''  , ''Wild Side Of Life''

Lefty Frizzell  Classic Country,  ''SHE 's GONE GONE GONE'' , ''I'll Try'' ''No One To Talk To But The Blues'' , ''If You Got the Money''  , ''Gone, Gone, Gone''  ''Cigarettes and Coffee Blues'' , ''Saginaw, Michigan''

     folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                            folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                              folk art tramp art

Hugh Friar  Classic Country,  ''You Didn't Forget'' , ''I Can't Stay Mad At You'' , ''Empty Arms'' , ''Crazy Dreams'' , ''Thrill Happy''

Harmonica Frank Floyd  Classic Country,  more info. ,  more info.  , more info. , Watch Rare Videos ,  Watch Video , Watch Video , Watch Video

Hank Garland  Classic Country, Guitar ''Sugarfoot Rag'' , Eddy Arnold & Hank Garland , ''Guitar Shuffle''

Lou Graham  Classic Country, ''Long Gone Daddy'' 1952

Don Gibson  Classic Country, ''Oh Lonesome Me'' 1958

Mickey Gilley  Classic Country,  ''Swinging Doors'' ,''I'm The One Mama Warned You About''   , ''I'll Fly Away''

Ray Godfrey  Classic Country,  ''Better Times A Comin' ''

Luke Gordon  Classic Country , ''Oblivion'' , ''Baby's gone''  , ''Mustache On The Cabbage Head''  , ''You may be Someone'' , AT HOME in Quincy, Kentucky

Al Gore  Classic Country,  ''I Can't Drink Enough To Get Her Off My Mind''

Bobby Grove Classic Country,  ''I Saw Her First''

Claude Gray  Classic Country, ''I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee''

Jack Guthrie Hillbilly Boogie,  ''I Told You Once'' , ''Oakie Boogie'' , ''OKLAHOMA HILLS'' , ''The Clouds Rained Trouble Down''

   Anita Carter lp cover                            Jimmy Bryant LP cover                              classic country music

Merle Haggard  Classic Country,  And Bonnie Owens,''Mama Tried'' , ''Okie From Muskogee'' , ''The Fightin' Side Of Me''

BILLY JACK HALE  Classic Country,"When You Hear A Honky Tonk Song"  , "Danger Moved West"  , ''Black Widow''

Connie Hall, Classic Country  ''The Bottle or Me'' , ''Fool Me Once''  , ''Poison In Your Hand'' , ''Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore''

Freddie Hart  Classic Country,''If Fingerprints Showed Up On Skin'' , ''Please Don't Tell Her'' , ''Drink Up And Go Home'' , ''I Just Found Out the Pleasures Been All Mine''

Tommy Hawk, Classic Country,  ''Four Fingers And A Bum'' , ''Where Will I Go When The Barroom Is Closed''

STUART HAMBLEN  Classic Country,''THIS OLD HOUSE'' , ''The Big Rock Candy Mountains'' , ''I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake'' , ''Ace In The Hole''

Lee Harmon  Classic Country,''Two Empty Glasses And One Empty Chair''  , ''Ramshackled Shack''

Hawkshaw Hawkins  Classic Country, ''Car Hoppin' Mama'' , ''SHOTGUN BOOGIE'' , ''Ko Ko Mo'' , "Darkness On The Face Of The Earth" , ''Rattlesnakin' Daddy''   ''Lonesome 77203'' 

Speedy Haworth  Classic Country, ''Speedin' West'' , ''When You and I were Young Maggie'' , ''Crazy Little Guitar Man'' Red Foley & Speedy Haworth

Bobby Helms  Classic Country, ''Freedom Lovin Guy'' 1955 , "Long Gone Daddy"

Donnie Henderson  Classic Country,''The Loser''

Troy Hess  Classic Country,''Please Don't Go Topless Mother''

The Hi Fi Guys  Classic Country, ''Rock n Roll Killed My Mother''

Jeanette Hicks  Classic Country, ''Extra - Extra'' , ''Lipstick On A Glass''

BOB HILL and the SPRING VALLEY BOYS  Classic Country,  Yodeling ''COWBOY LULLABY''

Eddie Hill  Classic Country, "Bring It ON Down To My House" , "Slender Tender and Sweet"

Goldie Hill  Classic Country , ''Steel Guitar'' , ''Sample My Kissin'' , ''Lookin Back To See'' , ''Cry Cry Darlin'' , ''A Letter From My Baby''

Don Hinson , Classic Country,  ''The Protest Singer''

Homer & Jethro  Classic Country , ''Nashville Cats''  , Corn Flakes commercial , ''Wanted'' 1954  , ''Hart Brake Motel'' , ''I'm Missing My Wifes Cooking'' 1953

Salty Holmes  Classic Country, ''The Ghost Song'' , ''STUCK WITH LOVE'' , ''Talking Harmonica''

Jan Howard, Classic Country,  ''Evil On Your Mind'' , ''Tippy Toeing''

Johnny Horton  Classic Country, ''Cherokee Boogie'' , ''I'm Coming Home'' , ''Broken Hearted Gypsy'' ,"Let's Take The Long Way Home" 1957 , Johnny Horton in 1959 ''LIVE'' on TV , ''Move Down The Line'' , ''Big Wheels Rollin'' , ''Devil Made A Masterpiece''  , ''Move Down The Line'' , ''Big Wheels Rollin''

Jan Howard  Classic Country,''Wrong Company'' , ''YANKEE GO HOME''

R.D Hendon  Classic Country , ''Music Making Mama From Memphis'' , ''Ain't Got A Lick Of Sense'' , ''Dont Push Me''

Jimmy Heap  Classic Country, ''Ethyl In My Gas Tank''

Carol Huff, Classic Country,  ''Diesel Drivin' Devil''

Ferlin Husky  Classic Country, ''Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age'' , ''Gone'' , ''Slow Down Brother'' , ''Drunken Driver'' , ''Forgive Me, John'' , ''I`ll Be Here For A Life Time''

FRANK IFIELD  Classic Country,  Yodeling ''SHE TAUGHT ME HOW TO YODEL''


 WANDA JACKSON  Classic Country, more info. ''Funnel Of Love'''SILVER THREADS AND GOLDEN NEEDLES'' , ''Sparklin' Brown Eyes'' ,''RIGHT OR WRONG'' ''Sweet Dreams'' , ''Heart Trouble'' , ''A Girl Don't Have To Drink To Have Fun''

Anna Jane,  Classic Country,  ''Little Miss Nothing''



Norma Jean  Classic Country,  "Lonesome Number One", ''Put your arms around her''  , ''A Woman's Gotta Make A Stand''

Waylon Jennings  Classic Country, ''The Choking Kind'' , ''Walk On Out Of My Mind'' , ''Kentucky Woman''

Smilin' Jerry Jericho  Classic Country,  ''Moanin' In The Morning''

Diane Jewett  Classic Country, Yodeling ''How to Yodel''

Shorty Joe And His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''Bayou Ball''

Cousin Jody & The Country Cousins  Classic Country,  "Wouldn't Like To" , ''No Help Wanted'' , ''Don't Make Love In A Buggy''

Jimmy Johnson  Classic Country, ''Salt Your Pillow Down'' , ''Warm Beer & A Cold, Cold Woman''

Ann Jones & Her Western Sweethearts, Classic Country, ''A Little Bit Of Nylon'' , ''I've Had It''  , ''Doin Fine'' ,  ''Hi-Ballin' Daddy''

Buck Jones,  Classic Country, ''A Box Of Grass''

Buddy Jones, Classic Country, ''Mean Hangover Blues''

Grandpa Jones  Classic Country, ''Fix Me A Pallet'' 1952, ''Yodel'' , ''GOOD OLD MOUNTAIN DEW'' , ''Eight More Miles to Louisville''

George Jones  Classic Country,  Tammy Wynette & George Jones 1978 , ''White Lightning'' ,  (1967) , At Possum Holler , ''Don't Stop The Music''  , ''Just One More'' , ''The Race Is On''  , ''Love Bug'' , George Jones Melba Montgomery ''We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds'' , ''House of Gold''

Neal Jones  Classic Country, ''Who-o-o-e-e My Life Has Just Begun''

Benny Johnson, Classic Country, ''Burn Your Bra Baby''

Jim Kandy,  Classic Country, ''Power Of The Neon'' , ''Cocaine blues'' , ''Flip A Coin'' , ''When My World Left Town''


PAT KAYE AND THE COLONELS  Classic Country,  ''Hello, Colonel Sanders ''

Claude King  Classic Country,  ''Take It Like A Man''  , ''Mary's Vineyard'' , ''Sam Hill''  , ''Run Baby Run''

Red Kirk  Classic Country,   ''Knock Out The Lights And Call The Law'

Chuck Kyles  Classic Country,  ''You'll Like Country Music''

Doug LaValley,  Classic Country, ''Bar Room Romeo'' , 'As Long As There's A Honky Tonk''

FRANKIE LAINE  Classic Country,  ''Mule Train''

Adam Lee, Classic Country,  ''Reaching For The Wine''

   classic country music                    

Hugh X Lewis  Classic Country,  ''It's All In Your Mind''  , "You're So Cold I'm Turning Blue" , "I'd Better Call The Law On Me"

Dave Linkus,  Classic Country,  ''Neons, Nylons And Heartaches'' , ''Just Leave The Bottle'' , ''Wait A Little Longer''

Buddy Livingston & His All Girl Band  Classic Country, ''Back When She Was Young'' 1954

Hank Locklin  Classic Country, ''Geisha Girl'' , ''Please Help Me, I'm Falling'' , ''Fraulein''

Jimmy Logsdon  Classic Country,  more info.  ''No Longer''  , ''The Death of Hank Williams'' , ''I`m Going Back To Tennessee''  , ''I Wanna Be Mama'd''

Bonnie Lou  Classic Country,  ''Beautiful Brown Eyes'' , ''Straight Shootin' Cowgirl from Texas''

Bob Luman Classic Country,  ''Empty Walls A Lonely Room'' , "Shame On Me"

The Louvin Brothers  Classic Country , ''Satan Is Real'', ''Knoxville Girl'' , ''In The Pines''  , ''Let Her Go, God Bless Her'' , ''I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby''

Charlie Louvin  Classic Country,  more info.  , ''What Are Those Things With Big Black Wings'' , ''Will you visit me on Sundays'' , ''Love Just Has To Lay Down and Die''  , Charlie Louvin Interview Part 1 , Part 2

Ira Louvin  Classic Country, ''Yodel Sweet Molly'' , ''Life Is Too Short''

Bob Luce, Classic Country,  ''Hot Shot''

Jimmy Lucas  Classic Country,    ''You Cant Have Seconds''

Ramblin Lou And His Twin Pine Mountaineers, Classic Country,  ''Seashore Blues'' 1951 , ''I`m Not Crazy I`m In Love'' 1951

Ed Love, Classic Country,  ''The Killers''

Judy Lynn  Classic Country,  ''I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart''  , "I'll Pick Up My Heart"

Loretta Lynn  Classic Country , ''Fist City'' , ''Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'' , ''You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)'' , ''Your Squaw is on the warpath'' , ''Everybody's Somebody's Fool'' , ''Wings Upon Your Horns''

Bill Mack  Classic Country , ''Fat Woman''

     folk art tramp art                              folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                            folk art tramp art outsider art country music links

WARNER MACK Classic Country,  ''Sittin' In An All Night Cafe'' , ''THE BRIDGE WASHED OUT'' , ''Prison Of Love''

C.W. McCall, Classic Country,  ''Old Home Filler Up And Keep On Truckin' Cafe'' , ''Crispy Critters'' , ''Convoy''

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE  Hillbilly Boogie,  more info. more info.  , ''Water Baby Blues'' , ''Stop Whislin' Wolf'' , ''Wild, Wild Young Men'' , ''Looky There Over There'' , ''I'm A Little Red Caboose'' , ''Hey Little Dreamboat'' , ''Ugly & Slouchy'' , ''OLD BLACK CHOO CHOO'' , ''LITTLE WILLIE WALTZ'' ,  ''WHOA SAILOR'' ''Hillbilly Boogie'' with Don "Juan" Maddox

ROSE MADDOX  Classic Country,  Rare clip!   , Rose Maddox and Ray Campi  , Don Maddox of Maddox Brothers & Rose with 

Cledus Maggard,  Classic Country,  ''CB Lingo'' , ''The White Knight'' , ''Kentucky Moonrunner'' ,  ''Dad I Gotta Go''

Cari Lee Benny Martin  Classic Country,  ''Ice Cold Love'' , Watch Video , ''Me and My Fiddle''

Joe Maphis  Classic Country, Joe Maphis on Guitar

Joe & Rose Lee Maphis  Classic Country, ''Henhouse Serenade'' 1954  

Eddie Marshall  Classic Country, ''Mobilin' Baby Of Mine''  ,  ''I Should Have Said''

Warner Mack, Classic Country,  "You're Burnin' My House Down"  , ''Sittin' In An All Nite Cafe''  , ''Talkin' to the Wall'' , ''She's Takin' Me Home Tonight''

Leon McAulliffe  Classic Country, "Take It Away Leon" , ''I DON'T LOVE NOBODY''  , ''Three Bears''  , ''Three Bears'' , ''I DON'T LOVE NOBODY''

Darrell McCall  Classic Country, At home + Live in Texas , ''COLD BEER SIGNS'' 1975

McCormick Brothers  Classic Country, ''I`m Happy To Know'' , ''McCormick`s String Picnic''

Skeets McDonald  Classic Country,  'What a Lonesome Life it's Been'' , ''Trouble in Mind'' , ''What Am I Doing Here'' , ''You're There'' , ''You Oughta See Grandma Rock'' , ''Fort Worth Jail'' , ''Don't Push Me To Far'' , ''Blues In my Mind'' ''Birthday Cake Boogie'' , ''The Tattooed Lady'' , ''HEART BREAKIN' MAMA''

Neal Merritt  Classic Country,  ''The Funniest Feeling''

Dale Miller  Classic Country,  Live at home

Dick Miller  Classic Country, ''Now Im Gone''

Frankie Miller  Classic Country,  more info. , Bear Family Records, Watch Rare Videos, Watch Video , ''Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Loud Loud Music''  ''Hey Where ya Goin'

Ned Miller  Classic Country,  "Dusty Guitar" , ''Parade Of Broken Hearts'' 1963 , ''Sunday Morning Tears''  , "Cold Grey Bars"  , ''Do What You Do Do Well'' 1965

 Roger Miller  Classic Country,  ''King of the Road'' , ''Chug-a-lug'' , ''Dang Me'' , ''Hot rod Lincoln'' , ''ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL''

Lou Millet Classic Country, "My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me" , ''WEARY,WORRIED AND BLUE'' , ''Since the devil moved in''  , ''When I'm Out Honky-Tonkin' With You''

     tramp art classic country                             tramp art classic country                               tramp art classic country

Ronnie Milsap  Classic Country,  ''That Girl Who Waits On Tables''

Bill Mock, Classic Country,  ''I Don't Live Far From The Bar''

Melba Montgomery  Classic Country,  ''Break My Mind'' , ''Lies cant Hide''  , George Jones & MelbaMontgomery.... ''House of Gold'' , ''Hall Of Shame''

Clyde Moody  Classic Country, ''I LOVE YOU BECAUSE''

Lattie Moore  Classic Country , ''Don't Trade The Old For The New'', ''TOO HOT TO HANDLE'' 1959 , ''I Gotta Go Home And Catch Up On My Sleep'' 1953 , "Juke Joint Johnny"

TEX MORTON  Classic Country,  Yodeling "Rocky Ned The Outlaw" , ''Mandrake''

George Morgan  Classic Country, ''ROOM FULL OF ROSES'' , Watch Video

Moon Mullican   Classic Country,  ''Cherokee Boogie''  , ''What's The Matter With The Mill''  , ''Well Oh Well'' , ''St. Louis Blues'' , ''There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder''  , ''Rock And Roll Mr Bullfrog''

Joanna Neel  Classic Country,  ''Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go Go Girl''

ABBIE NEAL & THE RANCH GIRLS  , Classic Country,   ''Hey Good Lookin''  , ''Rockbye Boogie''  The Abbie Neal Show. Episode 1, Part 1.

Willie Nelson  Classic Country,  Medley , ''Mr. Record Man''

Jimmy C. Newman  Classic Country,  "Boudin" ,''Cry, Cry, Darling'' , ''Honky Tonk Tears'' , ''The Devil Was Laughing At Me'' , ''You're Making A Fool Out Of Me'' , ''Artificial Rose'' , ''D. J. For A Day''

Ford Nix  Classic Country,  ''Nine Times Out Of Ten'' , ''Ain't No Sign I Wouldn't If I Could''

Eddie Noack  Classic Country,  more info.  ''Psycho'' , ''Dolores'' , ''Take It Away Lucky'' , ''Sleepin' Like A Baby With A Bottle In My Mouth''  , ''The Worm Has Turned'' 1956 , ''Where Do You Go (When You Say Goodnight)''  , ''When The Band Played Paul Jones''

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Dick Nolan  Classic Country,  ''Truck Driving Man'' / ''Six Days On The Road''

Mayf Nutter  Classic Country,  "Goin' Skinny Dippin'"

Molly O'Day Classic Country,  ''I'd Like To Talk It Over With Him'' , ''Poor Ellen Smith''

Doye O'Dell  Classic Country,  ''Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves'' , ''Shut Up And Drink Your Beer'' , ''Oklahoma Hills'' Instrumental guitar ''Bath Tub Blues''

James O'Gwynn  Classic Country,  In Nashville

Dewain Olby, Classic Country,  ''Ironworker blues''  , ''Mr. Tavernkeeper''

JIMMIE OSBORNE  Classic Country , ''The Death Of Little KATHY FISCUS'' 1949 , ''You Cant Sometimes Always Hardly Wait''  , ''Automobile Baby''  , ''You All Come''

Al Oster   Classic Country ,   ''Next Boat''  , ''918 Miles'' ,  ''Irena Cheyenne'' , ''Way Up Alaska Way''

Gene O' Quinn  Hillbilly Boogie,  more info. ''Texas Boogie'' , ''Boogie Woogie Fever'' , ''I Believe In Loven Em'' , The Montgomery Music Makers performing.... ''Pinball Millionaire''

Bonnie Owens  Classic Country,  ''My Hi-Fi To Cry By'' , ''Excuse Me For Living'', ''Traded My Heart For His'' Gold''

DUSTY OWENS  Classic Country,  ''HEY HONEY'' , ''Who Do Think They Would Blame'' 1955

Buck Owens  Classic Country,  ''My Heart Skips a Beat'' , ''Foolin' Around'' , ''Loves Gonna Live Here'' , ''Act Naturally'' , ''I've Got A Tiger By The Tail''

Vernon Oxford  Classic Country ''Little Sister'' , ''Be Careful of the Stones that You Throw'' , ''Power in the Blood''

Dolly Parton  Classic Country,  more info , ''Daddy Come And Get Me'' , ''Jolene'' , ''Dumb Blonde'' , 1974 , Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner ''Holding On To Nothin''

Pat Patterson, Classic Country, ''She´s Not You'' , ''Touch My Heart''

Johnny Paycheck  Classic Country,  ''Take This Job and Shove It'' , ''Jukebox Charlie''

Minnie Pearl  Classic Country,''How To Catch A Man'' , Minnie Pearl performs at Grand Ole Opry House Opening Night 1974

    folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                                folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                            folk art tramp art outsider art country music links

Carl Phillips  Classic Country,  ''SET UP ANOTHER DRINK''

Webb Pierce  Classic Country,   ''There Stands the Glass'' , ''In The Jailhouse Now''

Pete Pike,   ''Down In the Willow Garden''  , ''Little Maggie''  , ''Napanee''

Sons Of Pioneers  Classic Country,  ''Roll Wagons Roll'' , Medley , "Tumbling Tumble Weeds"

Pinky Pinkston,  Classic Country,  ''Blue moon of Kentucky''

Charlie Poole  Classic Country,  ''He Rambled''

Kenny Price  Classic Country, ''The Bumpersticker Song'' , "You Almost Slipped My Mind"

Mel Price  Classic Country, ''Nothin Seems To Go Right Anymore''

Ray Price  Classic Country,  ''Heartaches by the Number'' ,''Crazy Arms'' , Ray Price Roger Miller ''Invitation to the Blues''

Orval Prophet  Classic Country,  ''Run, Run, Run''

 Riley Puckett  Classic Country, ''Nobody's Business''  , ''Sauerkraut'' , ''Ragged But Right'' , ''Old Spinning Wheel'' , ''Don't Try, For It Can't Be Done''

Leroy Pullins  Classic Country,  ''I'm A Nut'' ,''I'm Killing Myself''  , ''The Interstate Is Coming Through My Outhouse'' , ''Knee Deep''  , ''Testing 1 2 3''

Mats Radberg  Classic Country,  Live back in 1975

Marvin Rainwater  Classic Country, more info. more info.  ''Boo Hoo'' ,  ''Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel''  , ''IT WASŃT ENOUGH'' ,  ''Whole lotta woman'' ,  ''So You Think You've Got Trouble'' , ''Hot & Cold'' ,  ''Mr Blues'' , ''My Brand Of Blues'' , ' ''I Gotta Go Get My Baby'' , ''My Brand Of Blues''  , ''The Grass Grows High'' 1976 , ''HOT' N' COLD'' live Oct. 2009 , ''GAMBLIN' MAN'' live Hemsby 43 Oct. 2009  , ''Down In The Cellar'' , ''Moanin' The Blues''

Wayne Raney  Classic Country,  ''The Child's Side Of Life''  , ''Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me'' , ''Pardon My Whiskers''  , ''The Roosters Are Crowing''  ''Lonesome Wind Blues'' , ''I'm Square Dab From The Country'' , ''Cold Cold Snow'' , ''Falling'' 1952

JERRY REED Classic Country, ''Honey Child'' , ''She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)''  , ''Lord, Mr. Ford'' , ''East Bound and Down''

Junior Reed Classic Country,  ''Wont You Come Home''

Del Reeves  Classic Country,  ''This Must Be The Bottom'' , ''Women do funny things to me'' , ''Girl On The Billboard'' , ''Looking At The World Through A Windshield''


Jim Reeves  Classic Country, ''Beating on the Ding Dong'' , ''Bimbo'' , ''I Love You Because''  , ''He'll Have To Go''

Don Rich and the Buckaroos  Classic Country, ''Wham Bam'' ,''Orange Blossom Special''

JEANNIE C RILEY  Classic Country ''HARPER VALLEY PTA'' , ''The Girl Most Likely'' , ''Country Girl''

Johnny Rion  Classic Country ''You're The One For Me''

Ann Rion  Hillbilly Boogie, ''Love Bug Boogie''

Jimmy Rodgers  Classic Country,  ''T for Texas'' (1936) ''Daddy and Home'' , ''Waiting for a Train'' , ''PISTOL PACKING PAPA''

Kelly Rogers,  Classic Country,  ''Topless bathing suit''

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Roy Rogers & Dale Evans  Classic Country, ''Happy Trails'' , Watch Video

Donn Reynolds  Classic Country,  Yodeling  ''Texas Yodel''

Jeannie C. Riley  Classic Country, "Yesterday All Day Long Today" , ''Run Jeannie Run'' , ''The Girl Most Likely'' , ''Harper Valley P.T.A.''

Tex Ritter  Classic Country,  Tex Ritter talks about Politics & Cowboy Movies , Tex Ritter's  Ranch Party Johnny Cash Patsy Cline Country Music Channel Full TV Show

Don Rich and the Buckaroos  Classic Country,  ''Wham Bam''

Jason Roberts  Classic Country,  ''You're Making A Memory Out of Me''

Kenny Roberts  Classic Country,  ''Yodeling Jumping Cowboy'',  "Boogie Woogie Yodel Song" , ''SHE TAUGHT ME TO YODEL'' , ''Good Old Mountain Dew''   ''Hillbilly Style'' 1952 , ''I NEVER SEE MAGGIE ALONE'' , ''I Was Born To Yodel''

Marty Robbins  Classic Country,  ''Making Excuses'' , ''Mr. Shorty'' , ''The Hanging Tree'' , ''The Strawberry Roan'' , ''Red River Valley''

Al Rogers Classic Country  ''All Alone All Alone''

Weldon Rogers  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''I'm Building A ?? (On The Moon)''  , ''Please Return My Broken Heart'' ,  ''Women Drivers'' , ''I Haven´t Seen Myself In Years''

Johnny Russell  Classic Country, "Rednecks White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer"  , "Catfish John"

Bobby Rutledge  Classic Country,  ''Southern Fired Chicken''  , ''Waitin' In Line''

Forest Rye Classic Country, ''Wild Cat Boogie'' 1953

Tommy Sands Classic Country, ''A Dime And A Dollar'' 1954  , ''Love Pains'' 1953 , ''Kissin Aint No Fun'' 1955  , ''Syrup Soppin Blues''

Ralph Sanford  Classic Country, ''Oo Ee Baby''

Ramblin Tommy Scott  Classic Country,  ''Tennessee'' 1951 , ''When A Man Gets The Blues''  , ''She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain'' , ''Gonna Paint The Town Red''

Johnny Sea  Classic Country, ''MY TIME TO CRY''

Jeannie Seely  Classic Country, ''Don't Touch Me''

Alvie Self Classic Country, ''Hippieville'' 

Jean Shepard  Classic Country, ''Jeopardy'

Shelton Brothers Classic Country / Hillbilly  ''Cheatin' On You Baby'' , ''JUST BECAUSE'' , ''Sitting On Top Of The World''

Arkie Shibley & The Mountain Dew Boys Classic Country / Hillbilly   ''Playing Dominoes & Shooting Dice''   , ''Guitar Hoedown''

Jimmy Simpson Classic Country,  ''Honky Tonk Spree''

Leonard Sipes   Classic Country, ''Smooth Sailing''

Jimmie Skinner  Classic Country, ''Just Ramblin' On''

Patsy Sledd,  Classic Country,  ''Paper Roses''


Red Sovine  Classic Country, "Little Rosa" , ''Teddy Bear'' , ''Phantom 309'' , ''Little Joe'' , ''Twenty-One'' , ''The Last Goodbye'' , ''Daddys Girl''

Cal Smith  Classic Country, ''Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'' , ''Country Bumpkin''

Connie Smith  Classic Country,''The Hurtin's All Over'' , ''Cry,Cry,Cry'' , ''Ain't Had No Lovin'' , ''Once A Day''

Lendon Smith  Classic Country, ''Women'' 1956

BILLIE JO SPEARS  Classic Country,  "Get Behind Me Satan and Push" (1968) , ''Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad'' , ''Mr. Walker, It's All Over''

JIMMY SPELLMAN  Classic Country, ''IT'S YOU,YOU,YOU'' 1955

Hank Snow  Classic Country,  more info. ,  more info. , ''A Fool Such As I'' , ''I'm moving on'' , "Music Makin' Mama From Memphis TN."  , ''The Wreck Of The Old 97'' , ''I've Been Everywhere'' , "Music Makin' Mama From Memphis"    On CBS-TV

Hank Spurling Classic Country,  ''Box Car Blues''

Tommy Spurlin  Classic Country,  ''There Might`ve Been A Love Song'' (1956)

Billy Starr  Classic Country, ''I'm Drinkin' Bourbon''

Charlie Stewart Classic Country,  ''Hey Castro'' , ''Santa Claus Won't Come This Year'' , ''Pull Me Out Of The Fire''

Gary Stewart  Classic Country,  ''She's Acting Single, I'm Drinking Doubles''

Wynn Stewart  Classic Country, ''I Won't Live That Long'' , ''Playboy'' (1962) , ''Big, Big Love'' , Wynn Stewart and Jan Howard, ''Wrong Company''

NAT STUCKEY,  Classic Country, ''SWEET THANG'' , ''Cut Across Shorty'' , "Waitin' In Your Welfare Line"

Cliffie Stone, Classic Country,  ''Jump Rope Boogie'' , ''Peepin through the keyhole'' , ''Tennessee Central Number 9''

Earl Stone,  Classic Country, ''Bull Frog Boogie''

Little Carolyn Sue,  Classic Country,  ''I hate men''

Johnny Sutherland,  Classic Country, ''We`ll Have A Time, Yes Siree'' 1955

Mr Sunshine,  Classic Country,  ''Marijuana The Devil's Flower''

Jimmy Swan,  Classic Country, ''One More Time'' (1953)  , ''Honky Tonkin'' , ''Triflin on Me''  , ''Country Cattin''


Mary Taylor, Classic Country,  ''Feed Me One More Lie''

Tennessee Jim & His Hillbilly Playboys  Classic Country,   ''Dont Steal Her''

Al Terry  Classic Country, ''Roughneck Blues'' , ''Good Deal, Lucille'' , ''Say A Prayer For Me'' , ''Watch Dog''

Gordon Terry Classic Country,  June Carter and Gordon Terry ''The Old Oaken Bucket'' , ''Ballad Of J. C.'' , ''The Easy Way Out''  , "Johnson's Old Grey Mule"  ''Wild Honey'' , ''It Ain't Right''

 Hank Thompson  Classic Country,  ''Rub-A-Dub-Dub'' ,  ''Green Light'' , ''Just to Ease the Pain'' , ''Six Pack To Go''  , ''Humpty Dumpty Heart'' , ''Whoa Sailor''  ''HONKY TONK GIRL'' , ''Just to Ease the Pain''

Floyd Tillman  Classic Country,  ''Slippin' Around'' , ''DRIVING NAILS IN MY COFFIN''

Mel Tillis  Classic Country,  ''Stateside'' , Dean Martin & Mel Tillis - ''Bummin' Around'' ,  ''I Ain't Never''

T TEXAS TYLER  Classic Country, ''Wrong Side Of Town'' , ''There ain't gonna be no doggone after a while'' , ''Dead Ashes'' , ''Scratch & Itch''

Kenneth Threadgill  Classic Country,  "Yodeling Ranger"

Ernest Tubb  Classic Country,  more info. , ''Waltz across Texas'' , ''Walkin' the floor over you'' , ''Please Release Me'' , ''I'll Step Aside'' , ''G-I-R-L Spells Trouble''

Justin Tubb  Classic Country, ''Sure Fire Kisses'' , ''To Country''

Tanya Tucker  Classic Country, ''What's Your Mama's Name'' , ''Im Not Lisa''

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Wesley Tuttle  Classic Country,  ''If You Don't ,Somebody Else Will''

Carl Tranthan With The Rhythm All Stars Classic Country   ''Deedle Deedle Dum''

Merle Travis  Classic Country,  ''That Fat Gal of Mine'' , ''So Round So Firm So Fully Packed'' , ''Sweet Temptation'' , "Lost John"''Cannonball Rag'' , ''I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size'' , ''Divorce Me C.O.D.''

Johnny Tyler  Classic Country,   ''Hillbilly Preacher''  , ''Lie to Me baby''

Peggy Upton & Danny Buck  Classic Country,  ''What'cha Gonna Do Tonight''

Jimmy Vernon  Classic Country,   ''I Wish I May I Wish I Might''

Larry Verne Classic Country, ''Please Mr. Custer'' , ''Beatnik'' , ''Please Mr. Sitting Bull''

Howard Vokes  Classic Country  more info. ''A Child Without A Name''

Norman Wade  Classic Country,  "My Blue House Painted White" , ''Shackles and Chains'' , ''Folsom Prison''

Porter Wagoner  Classic Country,   "Company's Comin'" ,  ''Carroll County Accident'' , ''Tennessee Stud'' , ''The Last Thing On My Mind'' , ''Just Someone I Used To Know'' , ''Before I Met You''

Cliff Waldon  Classic Country,   ''My Baby Doll''  , ''SATAN'S JEWEL CROWN''

Billy Walker  Classic Country, ''Charlie's Shoes''  , ''My Last Cigarette''

Billy Wallace  Classic Country, ''You cant Ride On My Train''

Jimmy Walker,  Classic Country,  ''Living Myself To Death''

Lanie Walker  Classic Country,  ''Why Baby Why''

Jimmy Wakley  Classic Country,  ''Slipping Around'' , ''It's Been So Long Darlin'' 1948

Gene Watson  Classic Country,  ''Bitter They Are'' LIVE ,''Love In The Hot Afternoon'' , ''Got No Reason Now For Going Home'' ''Nothing Sure Looked Good On You

Don Wayne  Classic Country,  At home

Bob & Wanda Wayne  Classic Country,   ''Home Made Wine''

   folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture                                folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture                               folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture

Kitty Wells  Classic Country, ''I don't claim to be a angel" ,   'There's poison in your heart'' , ''It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels'' , ''Making Believe''1955

Western Melody Makers  Classic Country,  ''Who Put The Turtle In Myrtles Girdle''

Dottie West  Classic Country,  ''Paper Mansions'' , ''Crying'' , ''No Sign Of Living'' , ''Here Comes My Baby''

Penny West   Classic Country, ''Needle In A Haystack''

Tabby West  Classic Country, ''Texas Millionaire''

Ted West,  Classic Country,''She Bent My Pole'' , ''Parking Worries'' 1954

Kent Westberry, Classic Country,  ''Cold Cup Of Coffee'' , "I Finally Gave Her Enough Rope To Hang"

Joe Wheeler Classic Country ''A Country Boy Goin' To Town''

SLIM WHITMAN  Classic Country,  ''A FOOL SUCH AS I'' , ''Indian Love Call''

Wilburn Brothers  Classic Country,  ''The Slamming Of The Door'' , ''An Empty Mansion'' , ''Sparkling Brown Eyes''

Slim Wilson  Classic Country,  ''South''

Jess Willard  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''Truck Drivers Boogie'' 1951

Curley Williams  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''BBQ Rag'' , ''Southern Belle (From Nashville TN)'' 

Hank Williams  Classic Country, ''Lovesick Blues'' , The Hank Williams Story Part 1 ,Part 2  , ''I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY'' , On the Kate Smith Evening Hour

Tex Williams  Classic Country, ''Smoke Smoke That Cigarette'' , ''Shame On You'' , ''When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again''  , 'Old Dog, Children and Watermelon Wine''

Boxcar Willie  Classic Country,  At home in Texas , In Branson MO. , ''Hobós Heaven''  , ''Hank And The Hobo'' , ''Old Train Songs Medley'' , ''Hank Williams Medley''

THE WILLIS BROTHERS  Classic Country,  ''GIVE ME 40 ACRES'' ,''Truck Driver's Queen'' , The Willis Brothers On The Porter Wagner Show. ''Alcohol And #2 Diesel'' , ''Diesel Smoke On Danger Road''  , ''Moonlight Drivin' Diesel'' + ''Gimme 40 Acres'' Live  , ''Sweet Georgia Brown''(1962)

Dallas Wilson  Classic Country, ''High Steppin' Daddy''

Don Windle  Classic Country,''I Want You Too'' (1953) , ''When My Baby Comes Home To Me'' , ''When Friends Are Few''

Mac Wiseman Classic Bluegrass / Country ''When I Saw Your Face In The Moon'' , ''Jimmie Brown The Newsboy''

Don Windle Classic Country,  ''When My Baby Comes Home To Me''

Onie Wheeler  Classic Country,  ''John's Been Shucking My Corn'' , ''Run Em Off '' , ''I Wanna Hold My Baby'' , ''Walkin' Shoes'' , ''Burn A Honky Tonk Down'' , ''Go Home'' ,''Onie's Bop'

Boots Woodall  Classic Country,   ''I Might Have Been''

Sheb Wooley  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''Purple People Eater'' (1958) , ''THAT'S MY PA'' , ''I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore''

Tammy Wynette  Classic Country,  ''Stand By Your Man'' , ''D-I-V-O-R-C-E'' , ''I don't wanna play house.'' , ''Apartment # 9''

Yodelin' Shorty, Classic Country, ''The Crazy Laughing Blues''

Faron Young  Classic Country,  ''Hello Walls'' , ''If You Aint Lovin'' ,  "I just got married" , ''Forget the past.'' , ''I miss you already'' , "If Thats The Fashion"

 Western Swing

    folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture                             folk art tramp art outsider art country music links                              folk art tramp art outsider art country music links

Cliff Bruner And His Texas Wanderers  Western Swing , LIVE 1996 , ''Take Me Back Again''  , "Over The Hill"

Milton Brown And His Musical Brownies  Western Swing,  ''YES SIR'' , "Four or Five Six Times"

Thumbs Carllile and Curly Chalker  Western Swing,  ''Lil Liza Jane''
Spade Cooley  Western Swing,  more info. , Watch Video , ''TOPEKA POLKA'' , ''SHAME ON YOU'' , ''DETOUR'' , ''GUITAR RAG'' , "Miss Molly"

Tommy Duncan  Western Swing,  ''Stay A Little Longer'' , ''It Make's No Difference''

Light Crust Doughboys  Western Swing,  ''Pussy Pussy Pussy'' 1936 , ''BEER DRINKIN' MAMA'' , 1936 , ''LITTLE RUBBER DOLLY''

Eddie Dean & The Plainsmen   Western Swing,  ''Let's Go Sparkin'''

Bill Haley  Western Swing,  ''Teardrops From My Eyes'' , ''Behind The Eight Ball'' , ''Candy Kisses'' , ''Yodel Your Blues Away'' 1949

Pee Wee King  Western Swing,  ''Oh Monah!'' , ''Slow Poke'' , ''Tennesse Waltz'' & ''You Belong to Me'' ,  ''Chew''

    folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture                              folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture                             folk art outsider art tramp art classic country music art furniture

Tommy Kizziah & the West Coast Ramblers  Western Swing,  ''Fat Boy Rag''

Don Messer  Western Swing, Don Messer's Violin

PATSY MONTANA  Western Swing, ''I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart'' , The Old American Barn Dance 1953 TV show w/ Patsy Montana, Johnny Bond, Kenny Roberts

Texas Jim Lewis  Classic Country,  ''Wine, Women, And Song'' 1940 

Hank Penny  Western Swing ,''Big-Footed Sam'' , ''Let Me Play With Your Poodle''

Ole Rasmussen  Western Swing,  ''Stay A Little Longer''

Leon Rausch  Western Swing,  Live Watch Video , ''Sugar Moon'' , "San Antonio Rose" , "Right or Wrong"

Ramona Reed  Western Swing,  ''Cowboy Sweetheart'' , ''Why Should I Cry Over You''

Jimmie Revard And His Oklahoma Playboys  Western Swing,

Ocie Stockard And The Wanderers  Western Swing,  ''Bass Man Jive''

Arthur Smith  Western Swing,  ''Yodeling Ranger'' (1948) , ''John Henry'' , ''Orange Blossom Special''

Deuce Spriggens  Western Swing,  ''Missouri''

Jimmy Wakely  Western Swing, ''You're My Sunshine''

Bob Wills  Western Swing, ''SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD'' , ''Lone Star Rag'' , ''Stay All Night'' , ''Tobacco Rag''  Pee Wee King & Golden West Cowboys - Redd Doing Some Rag Time!

Lucky Wray, Western Swing ''Its Music She Says''


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