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    rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro           rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro           rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro           rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Tales of the Rat Fink (1-5) Ed''Big Daddy''Roth

Art Adams  Rockabilly  ''Indian Joe'' , ''She Don't Live Here No More''

Billy Adams  Rockabilly ''Rock Pretty Mama''  , ''You Heard Me Knocking''

Charlie Adams & THE LONE STAR PLAYBOYS  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Cattin' Around''  , ''T T Boogie''  , ''Black Land Blues''  , ''Sugar Diet''

Jerry Adams  Rockabilly  ''Old Black Joe''

Hasil Adkins  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly, ''The Slop''  , ''Goin' Home Tomorrow''  , My Blue Star''Big Fat Mama'' , ''Get out of my Car'' , ''No More Hotdogs''  , The Wild World of Hasil "Haze" Adkins, Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3  Hershel Almond  Rockabilly  ''Let's Get It On''  , ''Lookin' For A Woman''  Rockabilly ''High Class Baby'' , ''Little Boy Blue''  ,  ''Can't Do Without You'' , ''Do It To Me Tonight''

The Alabama Kid  Rockabilly  ''Rocking Jalopy''


HAL ANDREWS  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''BROWN EYED GIRL''

Clyde Arnold  Rockabilly  ''Scrounge'' instrumental

Cousin Arnold And His Country Cousins  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Be My Baby, Baby Doll''

Ralph Arnold  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hound Dog Boogie''

June August   Rockabilly  ''What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall''

Frank Aureli  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Go Cat Go''

Bob Baker  Rockabilly ''Kitty Kat Corner'' , ''Turned On The Ice''

Delbert Barker  Rockabilly  ''Goose Bumps'' , ''No Good Robin Hood''  , ''So Doggone Lonesome''

Glenn Barber  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Ice Water''  , "Shadow My Baby"  , ''Atom Bomb'' , ''Poor Man's Baby And A Rich Man's Dream''

Al Barkle  Rockabilly  ''Jumpin' From Six To Six'' , ''Muscle Beach''

Billy Barnett  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Tired Of Your Honky Tonk-Love''

Mack Banks   ''They Don't Come In Droves Like Me'' , ''Be Boppin' Daddy'' , ''Hound Dog' ,  ''You're So Dumb'' 

Wiley Barkdull  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Too Many'' ,  ''I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time'' , ''I've Got A Brand New Baby''  , ''HEY HONEY''

Benny Barnes  Rockabilly ''One Of These Days''  , ''It's Good To Be Home''

Hugh Barrett  Rockabilly  ''There Was A Fungus Among Us''

LEON BASS  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''COUNTRY HIX''

Johnny Bell  Rockabilly  ''Flip Flop And Fly''

Delbert Barker, Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''So Doggone Lonesome'' , ''Jug Band Jump'' , ''How About A Handout''

Arnold Bennett  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Wahoo''

Bobby Bernell  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Move Over Big Dog''

Emery Blades  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''The Rock And Roll Carpenter''  , ''Look What You Done To Me''

Tommy Blake  Rockabilly ''I Dig You Baby''  , ''Flatfoot Sam''

Billy Blank  Rockabilly ''Hard Luck''

Blankenship Brothers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Hard Up Blues''  , ''Waiting For A Train'' , ''That's Why I Am Blue''

Bill Blevins  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Baby I Won't Keep Waitin''

          rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                                       rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                                  rockabilly retro

Tooter Boatman  Rockabilly  ''The Will Of Love'' , ''Thunder & Lightning'' , ''Susie's House''

Harmon Boazeman  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''No Love In You''

Calvin Boles  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''You Giggle Too Much''

Eddie Bond  Rockabilly "Tore up"  , "One way ticket"  , ''Monkey And The Baboon''  , ''Big Boss Man'' , ''Baby Baby Baby'' ,   ''What Am I Gonna Do'' , ''Slippin slippin''

Doug Bowles  Rockabilly  ''Shake Loose''

Cecil Bowman  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Blues Around My Door''

Donnie Bowshier  Hillbilly Boogie, ''Strut My Stuff''  , ''Rock And Roll Joys''  , ''Tight Shoe Boogie''


Doug Bragg And The Drifters  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''If I Find My Dream Girl'' , ''Pretty Little Thing''

Dave Brockman  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Feel Sorry For Me''

Howard W. Brady  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hot Rod Boogie''

Ronnie Brant  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  Instrumental  ''Cowboys And Indians''

Charlie Brown  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Mean Mean Mama''  , ''Don't Put The Blame On Me'' , ''Have You Heard The Gossip''

PAT BROWN  Rockabilly  ''Forbidden Fruit''

Roy Brown  Rockabilly ''Be My Love Tonight''

Bill Browning  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  Norman Bullock With The Southerneers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Moanin' The Blues'' , ''Lies, Lies, Lies'' , ''Down In The Hollow'' , ''Don't Push Don't Shove'' , ''Breaking Hearts'' , ''WASHMACHINE BOOGIE'' , ''Sinful Woman''

Sonny Burgess  Rockabilly  ''Hoochy Koochy''  , ''Red Headed Woman''  , ''We wanna boogie''

Al Burnette  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Humpty Dumpty''

Johnny Burnette  Rockabilly ''Lonesome Train'' , ''The train kept a-rollin''  , ''Rock-a-billy Boogie''

Wayne Busbice  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Goin' Back to Dixie''

Aubrey Cagle  Rockabilly ''Rock-A-Billy Boy''

Stony Calhoun  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Bounce Baby Bounce''

Ray Campi  Rockabilly  ''Rockabilly Music''  , ''Caterpillar''  , Rose Maddox and Ray Campi

Bill Carlisle  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Rattlesnake Daddy''  , ''NO HELP WANTED''

   rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                      rockabilly hillbilly music                      rockabilly hillbilly music  retro    Johnny Carroll  Rockabilly ''Rockin' Maybelle''  , ''Rock n Roll Ruby'' , ''Whisky River''

Everette Carpenter  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Run Run Mabel''  , ''Let Your Hair Down Baby''

The Carpenter Brothers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Don't Cry Little Darling''

Johnny Cash  more info.  ,  more info. , more info. Country / Rockabilly  ''Get Rhythm''  , ''Big River''  , Cash Does Elvis , ''I Got Stripes'' , ''Pickin' Time'' 1959   ''Folsom Prison Blues'' 1959  , ''Rock and Roll Ruby''

Eddie Carter  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Railroad stomp''

Ernie Chaffin  Rockabilly / Country ''Get Me On Your Mind''  , ''Feelin' low''

Howard Chandler  Rockabilly ''Wampus Cat''


Sanford Clark  Rockabilly  ''Usta Be My Baby''  , ''9 lb. Hammer'' , ''Son Of A Gun''

Joe Clay  Rockabilly  ''Sixteen Chicks''  , ''Did You Mean Jelly Bean''

Zeke Clements  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I Don't Like It''

Benny Cliff  Rockabilly ''Crazy Mama'' , ''Shake um up Rock''

Wayne Cobb  Rockabilly  ''Somethin' Bad's Gonna Happen''

EDDIE COCHRAN  Rockabilly  ''COME ON EVERYBODY''  , ''Something Else'' , ''Cotton Picker''  , Cochran Brothers  ''Slow Down''

Al Coker  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''Don't Go Baby''  , ''Let's Do It Again''

Don Cole  Rockabilly     ''Snake Eyed Mama'' , ''Stop''

Sonny Cole  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I Dreamed I Was Elvis '' , ''Robinson Crusoe Bop'' , ''Curfew Cops''

Collins Kids  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Hop, Skip and Jump'' , ''That'll Be the Day''  , ''Wildcat''  , Documentary about Lorrie and Larry  Here , ''Just Because''

The Cook Brothers (Hardrock Gunter ''Juke Box Play For Me''

Glen Cooper  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sugar Mama'' , ''Just Rockin'' , ''These Blues Are Driving Me Mad''

Ricky Coyne  Rockabilly  ''Short Fat Fanny'' , ''Little Darlene''

Bill Craddock  Rockabilly  ''Birddoggin''

Fred Crawford  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Never Gonna Get Married Again'' , ''Rock Candy Rock'' , ''I JUST NEED SOME LOVIN''  , ''YOU GOTTA WAIT''  ''Cant Live With Em''

Parker Cunningham  Rockabilly  ''Dry Run''

Pat Cupp  Rockabilly  ''Long Gone Daddy''  , ''Baby Come Back'' , ''I Guess It's Meant That Way''

    rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                                rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                                 rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Link Davis  Rockabilly ''Trucker From Tennessee'' , ''Grasshopper'' , ''Don't Big Shot Me'' , ''Cockroach''  , ''Slipping And Sliding''

Terry Daly  Rockabilly  ''You Don't Bug Me No More'' 1958

Devvy Davenport  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Big Cowboy''

Hank Davis  Rockabilly  ''Salamay'' , ''You´re Forgiven'' , ''One Way Track''

Ronnie Dawson     ''30 Days'' And ''Johnny B Goode'' ''Action Packed'' 

Wailin' Bill Dell  Rockabilly ''You Gotta Be Loose''

Billy Devroe  Rockabilly ''I'm Packin''

Doug Dickens  Rockabilly  "Raw Deal"

Little Jimmy Dickens  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Fireball Mail''

Mason Dixon  Rockabilly ''Don't You Worry Yourself About Nothin''

Hank The Drifter & His Drifting Hillbillies  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''I`m Gonna Spin My Wheels'' , ''I Hadn`t Oughta Went In''

Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan  Hillbilly Boogie / Rockabilly  ''Jukebox Boogie''

Johnny Dollar  Rockabilly ''Lovin' Up A Storm'' , ''GREEN EYED CAT'' , ''Great Balls Fo Fire''

Jimmy Donley  Rockabilly  / Rock n Roll  more info.  ''Think it Over'' , ''Stop The Clock'' ''The Shape You Left Me In''  , ''Lovin' Cajun Style''

Bob Doss  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Don't Be Gone Long''

Dave Dudley  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Rock And Roll Nursery Rhyme''

Eddy Dugosh  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Strange Kinda Feeling'' , ''One Mile''

Roy Duke  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Be Have, Be Quiet Or Begone''

Terry Dunavan  Rockabilly  ''Rock It On Mars''

    retro rackabilly                                                retro rockabilly                                                   retro rockabilly

Jack Earls  Rockabilly  / Hillbilly ''Slow Down''  , ''My little Mama'' , ''Crawdad Hole''

Jim Eden  Rockabilly  / Hillbilly  ''Loneliness''

Dave Edge  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Wham Bam'' 1959

Tibby Edwards  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Flip Flop And Fly''

Melvin Endsley  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I Like Your Kind Of Love''

Werly Fairburn  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''All The Time'' , ''CAMPING WITH MARIE'' , ''Telephone Baby''

Jackie Fautheree  Rockabilly  ''First Man On Mars''

Charlie Feathers  more info. more info.  Rockabilly  ''Good Rockin' Tonight'' , ''The Man In Love''  , ''Uh Huh Honey'' , ''Stutterin' Cindy''  , ''Tongue Tied Jill''

Narvel Felts  Rockabilly ''My Babe'' , ''Pink And Black Days''

Al Ferrier  more info.  , more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''No No Baby'' , ''Blues Stop Knockin´ At My Door'' , ''Kiss Me Baby''  , ''Honey Baby''

Lee Finn  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''It's Night''

Sonny Fisher  Rockabilly ''It´s A Heartache''  , ''Rockin Daddy'' , ''Sneaky Pete''

Jim Flaherty  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''This Old Bomb Of Mine''

Jesse Floyd  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Satan`s Wife''

Red Foley  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Crazy Little Guitar Man''

Webb Foley  Rockabilly  ''Little Bitty Mama'' ,  ''Bee Bop Baby''

Rocky Bill Ford  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Mad Dog In Town''  , ''Have You Seen Mabel'' , "BEER DRINKIN BLUES"

    rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                                     rockabilly music links  retro                                                    rockabilly hillbilly music  retro

Tennessee Ernie Ford  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''False Hearted Girl''

TRUITT FORSE  Rockabilly  ''Chicken Bop''  , ''Doggone Dame''

Don Fowler  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Oklahoma Baby''

Orville Fox  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Honey You Talk Too Much''

Frankie & Margie  Rockabilly ''The Martian Boogie'' , ''Bop Guitar''

Hal Fritz  Rockabilly  ''Three Bad Habits'' , ''Goin' out of you''

Harmonica Frank Floyd  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Rock A Little Baby'' , ''Step It Up And Go''

James Gallagher  Rockabilly ''Crazy Chicken''

George Garrish  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''All Night Diner''

Lee George  Rockabilly  ''The Little Moon Men''

George & Earl   Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Better Stop Look And Listen'' ,  ''Dun Gone''

Don Gibson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sweet Sweet Girl''

Joe D Gibson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Evil Eve''  , ''Muleskinner Blues''

Glen Glenn  Rockabilly  ''Glad my Baby's Gone Away '' , ''One cup of Coffee And A Cigarette'' , ''Laurie Ann''  , ''Would Ya'' 1958

JERRY GLENN  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sixteen Chickens & a Tamborine''

Cliff Gleaves  Rockabilly  ''Love Is My Business'' , ''Your Chaetin Heart''

Curtis Gordon  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sittin' On Top Of The World''  , ''Rompin' And Stompin''  , ''Mobile Alabama''  , ''Draggin'' , ''So Tired Of Crying''

Charlie Graci  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Boogie Boogie Blues''

Phil Gray  Rockabilly  ''Pepper Hot Baby''

Rudy Grayzell  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''You're Gone''

Buck Griffin  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Stutterin' Papa''  , ''Bow My Back''  , ''Jessie Lee''

Curley Griffin  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Ive Seen It All''

Hardrock Gunter  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Rock-A-Bop-Baby''  , ''Whoo, I Mean Whee''  Hardrock Gunter Interview part 1 , part 2

Bill Haley  Rockabilly ''Thirteen Women''  ,

Ben Hall  Rockabilly  ''Moo Mama''

Billy Hall  Rockabilly  ''Move Over Rover''

Billy Hall Rockabilly ''Let Me Love You''

Helen Hall  Rockabilly  ''Hello Baby''

Roy Hall  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Three Alley Cats''  , ''Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin´ On''  , ''Dig Everybody Dig That Boogie''  , ''Don't Stop Now'' , ''Offbeat Boogie''

GEORGE HAMILTON IV  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''EVERYBODY'S BODY'' , ''IF YOU DON'T KNOW''  

    retro rackabilly hillbilly music                                                 retro rockabilly hillbilly music                                                retro rockabilly hillbilly music

Fletcher Hanna  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hepcat Boogie''

Jerry Hanson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''IF THE BLUES DON'T KILL ME''

RUDY HANSEN  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''SATURDAY JUMP''

Wesley Hardin  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Honky Tonk Man''  , ''Cry Cry Cry''  , ''Anyway''

Hal Harris  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I Don't Know When'' , ''Jitterbop Baby''

Johnny Harris  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Move Over Rover''

Ray Harris  Rockabilly  ''Love Dumb Baby''  , ''Lonely Wolf'' , ''Where`d You Stay Last Nite''

LARRY HART  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I'M JUST A MENDER''

Robert Luke Harshman  Rockabilly ''Stop Talkin', Start Lovin''

Jimmy Heap  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Sebbin Come Elebbin''  , ''Ethyl In My Gas Tank''  , ''Gizmo'' 1959 , ''Little Jewel''

BOBBY HELMS  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''TENNESSEE ROCK N' ROLL'' , "Long Gone Daddy"

Gene Henslee  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Rockin' Baby'' , At Home , ''Diggin' And Datin''

Henry Henry  Rockabilly ''Honk Kong Missisippi'

Bennie Hess  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Wild Hog Hop''  , ''Novelty Yodel'' , ''Jungleland Rock''  , ''Bennie Hess Boogie'' 1949

Aldon Hewitt  Rockabilly  ''Bill paying blues''

Bill Hicks And The Southerneers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Blue Flame''

    rockabilly hillbilly             rockabilly hillbilly             rockabilly hillbilly

Curtis Hobock  Rockabilly  ''The Whole Towns Talking''

Curtis Hoebeck  Rockabilly  ''Tom Dooley Rock N' Roll''  , ''China Rock''

Billy Hogan  Rockabilly  ''Shake It Over Sputnik''

Hodges Brothers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''I'm Gonna Rock Some Too''

Tommy Holmes  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Wa Chic Ka Noka''

Wade Holmes  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Go Boy Go''

Jack Holt  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Moonshine Still''

Homer and Jethro  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''HOUN' DOG''

JOHNNY HORTON  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''I GOT A HOLE IN MY PIROGUE'' , ''Cherokee Boogie'' , ''Lovers Rock''  , ''Big Wheels Rollin''

Rusty Howard  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Lets Rock''  , ''No Help Wanted''

Jack Huddle  Rockabilly  ''Starlight''

Tommy Hudson  Rockabilly ''Swanee River Gal'' 1959  , ''Band Stand Stomp'' 1959

Ferlin Husky  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Stand Up Sit Down Shut Your Mouth'' , ''Slow Down Brother''

Autry Inman  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''It Would Be A Doggone Lie''

Jerry Irby  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Clickety Clack''  , ''49 Women''

Sid King & The Five Strings  Rockabilly,  ''Blue'' , ''Sag Drag And Fall'' , ''Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle''  , ''When my baby left me''

     rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                             rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                             rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Eddie Jacksons Swingsters  Hillbilly Boogie, ''Baby Doll''

Harold Jackson  Rockabilly  ''Go Cat Go''

Marvin Jackson  Rockabilly ''Gee Whiz, Miss Liz'', ''Peek-A-Boo'' 1963 , ''Pretty, Pretty Loretta''

Wanda Jackson  more info.   , more info.  Rockabilly  ''Funnel Of Love'' , ''Tongue Tied'' , ''Rock your baby''  , ''Hard Headed Woman'' , ''Mean Mean Man'' , ''Oh Boy'' , ''Cool Love''

Curtis Johnson  Rockabilly ''Baby Baby''  , ''Baby Let's Play House''

Jeff Johnson  Rockabilly ''Flight 404''  , ''Movies No. 2''  , ''Doin My Time''

Jimmy Johnson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Woman Love''  , ''All Dressed Up'' , ''Eternity''

Stan Johnson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Six White Horses'' , ''Big Black Train'' , ''Baby, Baby Doll Ruby''

Johnny Jano   more info. Rockabilly ''Havin' A Whole Lotta Fun''

Tom James  Hillbilly Boogie, ''Hey Baby''

Sonny James  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Uh uh mm''

Tom James  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hey Baby'' , ''Track Down Baby''  

Curley Jim  Rockabilly ''Air Force Blues''

Jimmy & Johnny  more info.  Rockabilly '' I Can't Find The Doorknob''  , ''Sweet Singing Daddy''

Thomas Johnson "The Lonesome drifter"  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''HONEY DO YOU THINK OF ME'' , ''EAGER BOY''

Rollin Joe Johnson  Rockabilly  ''One Long Burning Kiss''

George ''Thumper'' Jones  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''How Come It'' , ''Rock It''

Jericho Jones  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Save Your Lovin' For Sis''  , ''Im Gonna Learn''

Lee Jones  Rockabilly ''Cool Cool Daddy''

      rockabilly music                                       rockabilly music                                      rockabilly music

Montie Jones  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Moonshine''

Benny Joy  Rockabilly  ''Wild Wild Lover'' , ''Money, Money'' , ''Little Red Book''

Rusty & Doug Kershaw  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Hey Mae'' , ''Rattlesnake''

Jack & The Knights  Rockabilly  ''Rock the blues away''

Merle Kilgore  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Seein Double Feelin Single''  , ''The Bell Witch''  , ''Five Card Stud'' , ''Ernie'' , ''EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE LOVIN''

Sid King & The Five Strings  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sag, Drag And Fall''  , ''Booger Red''  , ''Put Something In The Pot Boy''  , ''What Have Ya Got To Lose''  , ''Who Put The Turtle In Myrtle's Girdle''

Joannie King  Rockabilly  ''Ok Doll, It's A Deal''

Vanda King  Rockabilly ''Ooh, Whatcha Do''  , ''13 Men & Me''

Ellis Kirk And The Town And Country Boys  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sweetie Pie''

Joe Kozak  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hillbilly Rock''

Frank Kratz  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Go Cat Go''

Lowell Knipp  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Goofy Little Bug''

Sleepy La Beef  Rockabilly  ''I'm Trough''  , ''Boogie Woogie Country Girl''  , ''Tore It Up''

Louisiana Lannis  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Tongue Twister Boogie''  , ''Walking Out''

Roc LaRue and the three pals  Rockabilly  ''Rockabilly Yodel''  , ''Baby take me back''

Bill Lawrence  Rockabilly  ''Hey Baby''

   rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                       rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                         rockabilly hillbilly music  retro

Bennie Leaders  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hey Miss Fannie''

Brenda Lee  Rockabilly  ''Hound Dog''  on the Ozark Jubilee , ''Dynamite'' early TV Appearance , ''Sweet Nothin's'' 1958

Harry Lee  Rockabilly  ''Pin Ball Baby'' , ''Stampede''  , ''Kiss An Eskimo''

Lonesome Lee  Rockabilly ''Cry Over Me''

Arvel Lewis  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Pine Mountain Boogie''

Jerry Lee Lewis  more info.  Rockabilly ''Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On'' 1957


Jimmie Lloyd (Jimmy Logsdon Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''You're Gone Baby''

Jimmy Logsdon  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   more info.  ''No Longer'' 

Bobby Lollar  Rockabilly  ''Bad Bad Boy''

Buddy Long  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''It's Nothin' to Me''

Bobby Lord  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''So Doggone Lonesome''

Bob Luman & the Shadows  more info.  Rockabilly ''All Night Long''  , ''The Creep'' with Gene Maltaise ''The Bug''  , ''The Raging Sea''  , ''Private Eye''

Bill Mack  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Fat Woman''  , ''Kitty Kat'' , ''It's Saturday Night''  , ''Play My Boogie'' , ''Cat Just Got In Town''

Mister Mack  Rockabilly  ''Ice Cold Water''

Jeani Mack  Rockabilly ''Dirty Dishes''

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE  Hillbilly Boogie / Rockabilly  more info. more info.  , ''Move It On Over''  , ''Water Baby Blues'' , ''Stop Whislin' Wolf'' , ''Wild, Wild Young Men'' , ''Looky There Over There'' , ''I'm A Little Red Caboose'' , ''Hey Little Dreamboat'' , ''Ugly & Slouchy'' , ''OLD BLACK CHOO CHOO'' , ''LITTLE WILLIE WALTZ'' , ''I'LL GO STEPPIN' TOO'' , ''WHOA SAILOR'' , ''Hillbilly Boogie'' with Don "Juan" Maddox

Gene Maltais  Rockabilly ''The Raging Sea'' , ''Crazy Baby''

Carl Mann  Rockabilly  ''I'm coming home'' , ''Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight'' , ''Rockin' Love'' , ''Too Young''

Frank Marshall  Rockabilly ''Four Alarm Boogie''

Rocking Martin  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''All Because Of You''

      rockabilly music                                                rockabilly music                                               rockabilly music

Sammy Masters  Rockabilly  ''Rockin' Red Wing''  , ''Flat Feet'' , ''Some Like It Hot''

Hank Mathews  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Alabama Boogie''

Tony Mauh & The Rockets  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Woman trouble''

Janis Martin  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Cracker Jack''  , ''Drugstore Rock n Roll''  , ''BARE FOOT BABY'' , ''Love and kisses''

Chuck Murphy  Rockabilly  ''Rhythm Hall''

Jimmy Murphy  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Sweet Sweet Lips'' , ''Sixteen tons of Rock n Roll''  , ''Baboon Boogie''

Leon McAuliffe  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Three Bears''

Cecil McCullough  Rockabilly  ''Pick Em Up and Shake Em Up''

Lloyd McCollough  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Half My Fault''  , ''Watch That Girl''  , ''Oh Darling'' , ''Cause I Love You''

Jack McCoy , Jay And The Rebels  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''16 Wheels'' , ''Guitar Woman''

Luke McDaniel  ''Whoa! Boy''  , ''Automobile Song'' 1954  , ''My Baby Don't Rock''

Skeets McDonald  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Fort Worth Jail'' , ''What a Lonesome Life it's Been''  , ''You're There''

Mel McGonnigle  Rockabilly  ''Rattle Shakin Mama''

Scotty McKay  Rockabilly ''Cry Me A River''  , ''Brown Eyed Handsome Man'' , ''Rollin Dynamite''  , ''Bad Times''

Mitchell McKinley  Rockabilly  ''Rock Everybody Rock''

CHANDOS McRILL  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''MONEY LOVIN' WOMAN'' , ''Poor Me''

Jerry McGill  Rockabilly  ''I wanna make sweet love''  

Curley Millikin  Rockabilly  ''Rock And Roll Country Boy''

  rockabilly hillbilly music links                    rockabilly hillbilly music links                    rockabilly hillbilly music links                    retro rockabilly hillbilly music

The Miller Sisters  Rockabilly  ''Theres No Right Way To Do Me Wrong''  , ''Ten Cats Down'' , ''Someday You Will Pay''

LOU MILLET  Rockabilly ''SLIP,SLIP,SLIPPIN IN''  , ''THE BARBER'' "My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me"

Hank Mizell  more info.  Rockabilly  ''I'm Ready '' , ''Jungle Rock''

Curley Money  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Gonna Rock'' , ''Stop Your Knockin'' , ''Hobo''  , ''Honky Tonk Man'' , ''White Lightning''  , ''Chain Gang Charlie''

Homer Monroe And The Country Drifters  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Its Many A Mile From Me To you''

Lattie Moore  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Juke Box Johnnie''  , ''100,000 WOMEN'' , "DRUNK AGAIN" , ''TOO HOT TO HANDLE'' 1959  , ''Pull Down The Blinds''  , ''Pretty Woman Blues''

Cecil Moore  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''I Got It Bad''  , ''Walking Fever'' , ''I Lost My Little Baby''  , ''Diamond Back'' 1964 , , ''Moonshine''

Lattie Moore  Rockabilly  ''Juke Box Johnnie''

Merrill Moore  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Doggie House Boogie'' , ''BUTTERMILK BABY''1955  ,  ''DOWN THE ROAD A PIECE'' 1955 , ''HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS'' 1952

Sparkle Moore  more info.  Rockabilly ''Rock A Bop'' 1956  ,''Killer''

Ray More & The Pioneers   Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Honey Hush''

Rod Morris  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Alabama Jailhouse'' 1958 , "Ghost Of Casey Jones"

Bill Moss  Rockabilly ''Rockabilly Hop''

Moon Mullican   Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Seven nights to rock''  , ''Honolulu Rock-A Roll-A''

RONNIE MURRAY  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  "TRAIN TRAIN"

Tex Neighbors  Rockabilly  ''Rockin' Beat'' , ''A'int Going That Route''

Tommy Nelson  Rockabilly  ''Hobo Bop''

Fred Netherton  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Match Box''

The Nettles Sisters  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Real Gone Jive''

Cuddles C. Newsome  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''One Little Kiss''

Ted Newton   Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Tennessee Rhythm''  , ''Walkin Down The Road''

Ford Nix  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Nine Times Out Of Ten''  , ''Ain't No Sign I Wouldn't If I Could''

Hoyle Nix  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Real Rockin' Daddy''

    rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                                      rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                                 rockabilly hillbilly music  retro

Terry Noland  Rockabilly  ''Ten Little Women''

Gene Norman  Rockabilly ''Snaggle Tooth Ann''

Ernie Nowlin  Rockabilly ''Tally Ho''

Jim Oertling  Rockabilly  ''Old Moss Back''

Art Ontario  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Wiggle Walkin' Boogie''

J. D. Orr  Hillbilly Boogie, ''Hula Hoop Boogie''

Al Oster  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''918 Miles''  , ''Next Boat'' , ''Midnight Rock'' 1960

Jim Owen  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Sie Simon Shuffle''

Ozark Jubilee Boys  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On''

JERRY PALMER  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  "MULE SKINNER BLUES"

Kenny Parchman  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Tennessee Zip'' , ''Get It Off Your Mind''  , ''Treat Me Right'' , ''Love Crazy Baby''

Weyman Parham  Rockabilly ''Hang Loose''

Arnold Parker  Rockabilly  ''Find A New Woman''

Jimmy Patton  Rockabilly ''Yah! I'm Movin'' , ''Oakie's In The Pokie''

Rex Patrick  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Dont Hang In That Womans Noose''

Hal Payne  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Honky Tonk Stomp''

Leon Payne  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''SWEET SWEET LOVE''

BUNNY PAUL  Rockabilly  more info.  ''Sweet Talk'' , ''Buzz Me'' 1957

Pedigo Brothers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''She's Gone''

Tommy Pedigo  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Redheaded Woman'' , ''Trouble''

Carl Perkins  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Honey Don't''  , ''Blue Suede Shoes''  , ''Matchbox''

Howard Perkins  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Lovin' Baby'' , ''Under Control'' , ''It's A Cryin Shame''

William Penix  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Dig That Crazy Driver''

Ray Pennington  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Boogie Woogie Country Girl''  , ''They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven''

Laura Lee Perkins  Rockabilly ''Kiss Me Baby'' , ''Don't Wait Up''  , ''Come On Baby'' , ''Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin''

The Phantom  Rockabilly  ''Love Me'' , ''Judy''  , ''I´ll Sail My Ship Alone''

Buddy Phillips  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Coffee Baby'' 1956

Charlie Phillips  Rockabilly  ''Be My Bride''

Larry Lee Phillipson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Milwaukee Road''  , ''Bitter Feelings''

    rockabilly hillbilly music links                                                       rockabilly hillbilly music links                                                     rockabilly hillbilly music links

Jimmy Piper  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Don´t Play Around''  , ''Down The Moonlight Bay Summit''

Barbara Pittman  more info.  Rockabilly ''Sentimental Fool''  , ''I'm getting better all the time''

Johnny Powers  more info.  Rockabilly - Documentary Trailer # 2 Extended Version  , ''long blond hair'' , Original Sun 327 Promo Record  ''Somebody's Gonna Hurt You''

Joyce Poynter  Rockabilly / Hillbilly "Chilli Dippin' Baby"

Lynn Pratt  Rockabilly, ''Tom Cat Boogie''

Ralph Pruitt  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Hey, Mr. Porter'' , ''Louise''

The Prowlers  Rockabilly  ''Get A Move On''

Vern Pullens  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''It's my life'' , ''Shes My Bop Crazy Baby''  , ''Mama Don't Allow No Boppin''

Whitey Pullin  Rockabilly  ''Walk My Way Back Home''

Rex Qual  Rockabilly  ''Transquilizer boogie'' Instrumental , ''Going Rocking Tonight''

Marvin Rainwater  Classic Country,  more info. , more info. , ''Boo Hoo''  , Watch Rare Video MARVIN RAINWATER - LIVE AT LONDON PALLADIUM , Part 2 ''Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel'' , ''IT WASŃT ENOUGH'' , ''Whole lotta woman'' , ''So You Think You've Got Trouble'' ''Gonna find me a bluebird'' , ''Hot & Cold'' , ''Mr Blues'' ,  ''The Last time'' 1958 , ''Tea Bag Romeo'' , ''My Brand Of Blues'' , ''Baby Don't Go''          ''I Gotta Go Get My Baby'' , ''My Brand Of Blues''  , ''Hot And Cold''

WAYNE RANEY  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''SHAKE BABY SHAKE''

Teddy Redell  Rockabilly  ''Gold Dust'' 1959

Jerry Reed  Rockabilly  ''This Great Empty Room''  , ''Honey Child''  , ''You Make It, They Take It''

Tom Reeves  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Primitive Love''

Keray Regan & The Hachey Brothers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hen House Rock''

Jody Reynolds  Rockabilly  ''Fire of Love''  , ''Tight Capris''

Al Rex  Rockabilly  ''Hydrogen Bomb''

    rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                     rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                        rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Charlie Rich  Rockabilly ''Whirlwind''  , ''Rebound''  , ''Donna Lee''  , ''Break Up''

Nolan Richardson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Lovin Machine''

Billy Lee Riley  Rockabilly  more info.  ''Flying Saucer Rock & Roll'' , ''Rock With Me Baby'' , ''Searchin''

Jimmy Ringo  Rockabilly ''I Like This Kind Of Music''

Chuck Rivers  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''All Alone At Night''

Slim Rhodes  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Take and Give'' , ''Do What I Do''

Weldon Rogers  Rockabilly  ''So Long, Good Luck & Goodbye'' . ''The Sale Of Broken Hearts''  , ''Everybody Wants You'' , ''So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye''

Al Runyon  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Baby Please Come Home''  , ''My Baby Left Me''

Bobby Rutledge  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Go Slow Fatso''

Mac Sales  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''A Gal Named Joe''

Rabon Sanders  Rockabilly ''You Tore Your Playhouse Down''

Tyrone Schmidling  Rockabilly  ''Honey Don't''  , ''You're Gone, I'm Left''

Hoyt Scoggins  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Tennessee Rock''

Ray Scott  Rockabilly  ''Wig Wam Willie'' , "You Drive Me Crazy"

Mack Self  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Vibrate'' , ''GOIN' CRAZY''

Ronne Self   Rockabilly ''Bop A Lena''  , ''Petrified''

Don Sessions  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''You're A Cheater''

Norm Sharkey  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Big Cadillac''

Buddy Shaw  Rockabilly  ''Dont Sweep That Dirt On Me''

Jean Shepard  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Jeopardy''

Harold Shultters  Rockabilly  "Baby Fan The Flame"

Al Sims  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Green Gator Ater''

Jumpin' Gene Simmons  Rockabilly  ''Pop & Mama'' , ''Crazy Woman''  , ''I Don't Love You Baby''  , ''Haunted House''

Johnny Skiles  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''If Your Telephone Rings'' , ''Come Paddle Footin' Down''  , ''Lasseon''


Carl Smith  more info.  and TheTunesmiths  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Baby I'm Ready'' on TV , ''Don't Tease Me''

Hal Smith   Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Hard Hard Times''  , ''Dog-Gone It Baby I`m In Love'' 1954  , ''Makin My Living With My Guitar''

Tommy Smith  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Born Unlucky''

Ebe Sneezer  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Asiatic Flu''

Chucklin' Chuck Sloan  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Too Old To Rock And Roll''

  rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro              rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro               rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro              rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Eddie Smalling  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Little Brave''

Jimmy Smith  Rockabilly  ''Pinch Me Quick''

Ray Smith  Rockabilly  ''Shake Around'' , ''Swinging Boogie''

Ronnie Smith  Rockabilly ''Long Time No Love''

Warren Smith  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Sweet Sweet Girl'' , ''Uranium Rock'' , ''So Long, I'm Gone''  , ''Miss Froggie''  , ''Rock N Roll Ruby''

Leslie Sneed  Rockabilly ''Oh Baby Doll''

Everett Spears  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Truck Driving Man''

Russell Spears  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Beggin Time''

Speck & Doyle  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Music To My Ear''

JIMMY SPELLMAN  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''She Wants A Lover Man''  , ''IT'S YOU,YOU,YOU'' 1955

Tommy Spurlin  Rockabilly  ''Hang Loose''  , ''No Time For Heartaches''

 Doug Stanford   Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Sady''

Billy Starr  Rockabilly ''Hound Dog''

Sally Starr  Rockabilly  ''Rockin In The Nursery''

Frank Andy Starr  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Do It Right'' , ''Rockin' And Reelin' Country Style''  ,  ''Dig Them Squeaky Shoes''

Lucille Starr & Bob Regan  Rockabilly  ''Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes''  , ''Eeny Meeny Miney Mo''

Jesse Stevens  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''No Bluebirds In The Sea''  , ''Go Boy Go''

Charlie Stewart Rockabilly  ''Old Age And Rough''

Jimmy Stone  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Found''

Marcus Van Story  Rockabilly ''GET WITH IT''

Texas Bill Strength  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Cry Cry Cry''

Romeo Sullivan  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Haunting Rhythm'' 1960

Jimmy Swan  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Country Cattin'' , ''RATTLESNAKE DADDY''

Bobby Swanson  Rockabilly  ''Rockin' Little Eskimo''

HANK SWATLEY  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''OAKIE BOOGIE''

Al Sweatt  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Let's Paint The Town Red''

Bill Swing  Rockabilly  ''Messed Up''

    retro rockabilly                                                       retro rockabilly                                                       retro rockabilly

Tom Tall  Rockabilly  ''Stack-A-Records''  , ''Hot Rod Is Her Name'' ,

Johnny "T" Talley  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Shine, Shave And Shower'' , ''I've Changed My Wild Mind''  , ''Lonesome Train''


Randy Tedder  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Nancy''

Bob Temple  Rockabilly  ''Vim Vam Vamoose''

Tennessee Drifters  Hillbilly Boogie,  ''Boogie Woogie Baby''  , ''THE DRIFTER''

Al Terry  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Watch Dog''

Gordon Terry  Rockabilly ''It Ain't Right''

Rudy Thacker  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Black Train'' , ''MOUNTAIN GUITAR''

Charlie Thompson  Rockabilly ''Slip,Slip,slippin''  , ''Just Keep On A Going''

Hayden Thompson  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Rockabilly Gal'' 1957 , ''Love My Baby''  , ''Call Me Shorty''  , ''Fairlane Rock''  , ''Blues Blues Blues'' . ''Act Like You Love Me''

Tennessee Thompson  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Saturday Ball''  , ''Slippin & Slidin''

Larry Thornton Rockabilly ''Honky Tonk Queen''

Billy Tidwell  Rockabilly  ''Folsom Prison Blues''

Gene Terry  Rockabilly  ''Tip, Tap And Tell Me'' , ''Cindy Lou'' , ''The Woman I Love''

Jake Thomas  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''What'll I Do''

Mel Tillis  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Teenage Wedding''  , ''Hearts Of Stone''


Mitchell Torok  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Red Light, Green Light'' ,  ''No Money Down'' , ''Caribbean''

Buck Trail  Rockabilly ''Chattanooga Drummer Man''

BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL Rockabilly   more info.  Rockabilly  ''Hi Yo Silver'' , ''You Mostest Girl''

Justin Tubb  Rockabilly  ''Rock it on down to my house''  , ''You Nearly Lose Your Mind''  , ''Sugar lips''

Jack Tucker   Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Big Door''

Jack Turner  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Everybody's Rockin' But Me'' , ''Hound Dog''

Jesse Lee Turner  more info.  Rockabilly  ''Shot Gun Boogie''

Johnny Tyler  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Lie to Me baby''

Carl E. Tyndall  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Hillbilly Rock''

Peggy Upton  Rockabilly  ''Sweet Sugar Bugger''

Mack Vickery  Rockabilly ''Drive-In''

Les Vogt  Rockabilly ''Moon Rocketin''

     rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                      rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                                     rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Gene Vincent  Rockabilly ''Rip It Up'' 1958  , ''You Win Again'' 1958  , ''Be-Bop-A-Lula''

Billy Walker  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''It´s Doggone Tough On Me''  , ''I've Got Leavin' On My Mind''

Lanie Walker  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Ennie Meenie Miney Mo'' , ''No Use Knocking On My Door'' 1958

Billy Wallace  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''You cant Ride On My Train''  , ''What'll I Do'' , ''That's My Reward''  , ''Burning The Wind''

Fonda Wallace  Rockabilly ''Lou Lou Knows''

Willie Ward  Rockabilly ''I´m A Madman'' , ''Iggy Joe''

Johnny Watson  Rockabilly  ''I'm Not Crazy''

ALVIS WAYNE  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''DON'T MEAN MAYBE BABY'' , ''Lay Your Head On My Shoulder'' , ''Swing Bop Boogie'' , ''I Gottum''

Hoyt Webb  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Baby Won't You Slow It Down''

Penny West  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Needle In A Haystack''

Buck Wheat & His Wheatbinders  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  '' Texas Women''

Larry Wheeler  Rockabilly ''You Can't Lose Me''  , ''Cry Woman Cry''

Onie Wheeler  more info.  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Going Back To The City''  , ''Walkin' Shoes'' , ''Jump Right Out Of This Juke box''  , ''Onie's Bop''  , ''John's Been Shucking My Corn''

Farris Wilder  Rockabilly  ''It's All Your Fault''

George Wilhite  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Beggin To Please''

Don Willis  Rockabilly ''Warrior Sam''

    retro rockabilly music                                                     retro rockabilly music                                                    retro rockabilly music

HARRY WILLIAMS  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  "Alcohol"

Lew Williams  Rockabilly  ''Gone Ape Man'' , ''Abra Cadabra'' , ''Centipede'' , ''Cat Talk''

Roxie Williams  Rockabilly  ''Fifteen Seconds''

Tex Williams  Rockabilly / Country  ''Let's Go Rockabilly''

Arnold Van Winkle  Rockabilly / Hillbilly   ''An Old Rusty Dime''

Peanuts Wilson  Rockabilly  ''Cast Iron Arm''

Tommy Wilson  Rockabilly  ''Buzzin''  , ''Why'd You Pick On Me''

Norman Witcher  Rockabilly  ''Somebody's Been Rockin' My Boat''

Don Woody  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Barking Up The Wrong Tree''  , ''Make Like A Rock And Roll''  , ''Bird Dog'' , ''Morse Code''

THE COUNTRY WRANGLERS  Rockabilly / Country  "Woman"

Bill Woods  Rockabilly  ''Go Crazy Man'' , ''Bop''

Link Wray  Rockabilly  ''Hillbilly Wolf '' , ''Big City After Dark''

Lucky Wray  Rockabilly  ''Teenage Cutie'' , ''Got Another Baby''

TOM TALL & GINNY WRIGHT  Rockabilly / Hillbilly  ''Boom Boom Boomerang''  , ''Stack-A-Records'' Tom Tall With Ruckus Tyler  ''Dont You Know''

Malcolm Yelvington  Rockabilly / Hillbilly ''Have Myself A Ball''  , ''Got Me A Trumpet''  , ''It's My Baby'' , ''Drinkin Wine Spodee O Dee''

 rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                   rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro                   rockabilly hillbilly music links  retro

Contemporary Rockabilly Music Links

The Cramps  more info.  Rockabilly ''What's Inside a Girl'' , ''Shortnin bread'' , ''Weekend on Mars'' , ''Like a bad girl should''  , ''Human Fly'' , ''Can Your Pussy Do The Dog'' , ''Hot Pearl Snatch''  R.I.P Lux Interior 02 / 04 / 09

Lil' Linn and the Lookout Boys  Rockabilly / Country  Ultimate Country Cruise 2010 , ''Mamas Little Dogies''  , Calafell High Rockabilly Festival 2009 ''House of Blue Lights'' , ''Open Road'' , ''Watch Dog''

Karling Abbeygate  more info.  Country / Rockabilly  WATCH VIDEO Karling Abbeygate @ The Blue Café

Ruby Ann  Rockabilly  more info.more info.   WATCH VIDEO WATCH VIDEO

Johnny Dilks & his Country Soul Brothers    more info.  WATCH VIDEO.

Danny B. Harvey  Rockabilly / Country ''WHISKEY HOLLAR BLUES'' , ''DARK ANGEL'' BETTIE PAGE

Wayne “The Train” Hancock  Country / Rockabilly  "Johnny Law"  , ''Highway 54''

Rosie Flores  more info. Rockabilly, WATCH VIDEO.

Eilen Jewell  Country / Rockabilly  more info.  ''Back to Dallas'' , WATCH VIDEO , WATCH VIDEO , ''Dusty Boxcar Wall'' , ''WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour'' , "Sea Of Tears" , ''Mess Around'' , Eilen Jewell  LIVE in Austraila , 2010 six songs

  rockabilly hillbilly music links                       rockabilly hillbilly music links                        rockabilly hillbilly music links

Cari Lee & The Saddle-Ites  Rockabilly more info.  ''Eenie Meenie Miney Mo'' , Rockin' Hillbilly Style ,  Watch Video , Watch Video , ''Willy Bop''  ''I'm Having A Party''  , Watch Video , Don Maddox of Maddox Brothers & Rose with Cari Lee , ''Fine Fine Man''

Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers  more info.  , WATCH VIDEO ,  WATCH VIDEO.

Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys  Rockabilly  WATCH VIDEO. , "My Sinful Days Are Over"  , ''Hey, Lowdown'' , ROCKABILLY RAVE

Imelda May  Rockabilly  more info.  ''Johnny Got a Boom Boom'' , ''Big Bad Handsome Man''  , ''Walkin' After Midnight''

The Kansas City Cryers  Country / Rockabilly ''Lonesome Rider'' , ''Bow My Back''

Mike Penny and his Moonshiners  Country / Rockabilly ''Don´t start breathin´ down my neck''

Tennessee Rhythm Riders  Country / Rockabilly ''Viva Las Vegas'' , ''Ranch Hand Boogie''

Toini & the Tomcats  Country / Rockabilly  ''I Saw Elvis'' , ''I Wanna be a Cowboy's Sweetheart''

Malcolm Yelvington   Rockabilly, ''Yakety Yak'' , ''IT'S MY TRUMPET (and i'm gonna blow it)'' ,  ''Just Rollin Along'' ,  ''Drinkin Wine Spodee O Dee'' , A short film on the long life of Malcolm Yelvington ,  ''Goodbye Marie''  , ''A Gal Named Joe''  Live , ''ROCKIN'WITH MY BABY''

 rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                              rockabilly hillbilly music  retro                                                 rockabilly hillbilly music  retro


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