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Appalachian Folk / Old Time Music Links

Sheila Kay Adams,  Appalachian Folk  ''Little Margaret'' (1982)

Charlie Acuff,  Appalachian Folk  Songs of Appalachia , "Josie Girl" ,  Charlie Acuff and J.R.I.

Clarence Ashley, Appalachian Old Time, "The Cuckoo" , ''The House Carpenter'' , ''Dark Holler'' (1929) , Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley  ''House of the Rising sun''

Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers, Appalachian Old Time,  ''Kitty Ki'' 1929 , ''Skip To My Lou''  , ''Little Rabbit''

Old Regular Baptists,  Appalachian Old Time, "I am a Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow"

Dr Huphrey Bates and his Possum Hunters,  Appalachian Old Time, ''Billy In The Lowground'' , ''Ham Beats All Meat''

Kenneth Benfield,  Appalachian Old Time, "Old Joe Clark" , "Shortening Bread"

The Bently Boys,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''Down on Penny's Farm''

The Blue Sky Boys   ''Are You From Dixie'' (1936)


 Burnett and Rutherford,  Appalachian Old Time, ''Billy In The Lowground'' , ''All Night Long'' , 'Willie Moore''

Dock Boggs  Appalachian Old Time,  ''Down South Blues'' , ''SAMMIE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SO LONG'' , "Wild Bill Jones" , ''FALSE HEARTED LOVERS BLUES'' , ''Calvary'' , ''OLD RUB ALCOHOL BLUES''

The Bogtrotters  Appalachian Old Time, "Who Broke The Lock'' , Fields Ward and the Bogtrotters: ''Deadheads and Suckers'' (1937)

Phyllis Boyens  ''The Way My Daddy Laughed'' (1983)

FRANK BLEVINS  Appalachian Old Time, ''I've Got No Honey Babe Now'' , ''Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss''

Granville Bowlin  Appalachian Old Time, "Wild Bill Jones"

Sam Chatmon,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''The Preacher and the Bear'' (1978)  , ''That's All Right''(1978)

Charlie Bowman  Appalachian Old Time, ''A Moonshiner And His Money''  

Buster Carter & Preston Young, Appalachian Old Time, ''A Lazy farmer Boy'' ,  ''Young It`s hard To Love''

Carolina Tar Heels,  Appalachian Old Time, ''Peg & Awl''  , ''Roll On Daddy, Roll On'' , ''Farm Girl Blues'' , ''Going To Georgia''  , ''There Ain't No Use Workin' So Hard''

Coon Creek Girls  Appalachian Old Time, At Newport A'nt Idy Harper and the Coon Creek Girls , ''Old Uncle Dudy(Keep Fiddling On)''

Fiddlin' John Carson  Appalachian Old Time,  ''The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane'' , "He Rambled" , ''Peter Went Fishing'' , ''Moonshine Kate-My Ford Sedan''

Gaither Carlton  Appalachian Old Time, ''Down The Road''

Chitwood & Landress, Old Time, ''Old Hen Cackle''

Crockett Family Mountaineers Appalachian Old Time, Medley of Old Time Dance Tunes  ,  ''Little Rabbit'' , ''Kitty Ki'' 1929

Dillard Chandler  Appalachian Old Time, more info.more info. , "The Soldier Travelling from the North" , "The Sailor Being Tired" , "The Carolina Lady"

Willie Chapman  Appalachian Old Time, "Lost Indian" , "Little Birdie"

Cumberland Ridge Runners, Appalachian Old Time, ''Goofus'' , ''Ridin' On A Hump Back Mule''

Bill Cornett  Appalachian Old Time, "Pretty Polly" , "Hook and Line''

Hazel Dickens, Appalachian Folk,  "West Virginia, My Home" , ''Fire in the hole'' , ''Coal tattoo''  , "Black Lung"

Percy Danforth  Appalachian Old Time, Interview Playing the bones

Clyde Davenport  Appalachian Old Time, ''Bonaparte's Retreat'' , ''Drunken Hiccups'' , ''All Night Blues''

J. W. Day  Appalachian Old Time, ''My Clinch Mountain Home''

Seven Foot Dilley and his Dilley Pickles  Appalachian Old Time, ''Lye Soap'' , ''The Square Dance Fight''

Dixon Brothers, Appalachian Old Time, ''The School House Fire''  , ''Have Courage To Only Say No''

Dorsey Dixon  Appalachian Old Time, ''I Didnt Hear Nobody Pray'' , ''Babies In The Mill''

Uncle Eck Dunford,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''The Whipporwills Song''  , ''Angeline The Baker''  , ''Old Shoes & Leggins''

Uncle Bob Douglas,  Appalachian Old Time,    99 YEAR OLD FIDDLE PLAYER "Ragtime Annie"

Cousin Emmy  Appalachian Old Time, ''You Are My Sunshine'' , ''Pretty Little Miss Out in the Garden'' , ''Lonesome Road Blues'' , ''Bowling Green'' , ''Freight Train Blues'' 1939  , "Turkey in the Straw"

Benton Flippen  Appalachian Old Time,  Interview

Arvil Freeman  Appalachian Old Time,  Interview

Clarence Green and Gus Washburn  ''Greenback Dollar'' , ''31st Street Blues'' , ''Corrina, Corrina''

A. A. Gray  Appalachian Old Time,  "Bonepart's Retreat"  , ''Tallapoosa Bound''  , ''The Old Ark's A'Moving''

G.B. Grayson, Appalachian Old Time, ''Sally Goodin''  

Grayson & WhitterAppalachian Old Time,  ''Shout Lula'' ,  ''Rose Conley''  , ''Handsome Molly''

Sid Harkreader & Grady Moore, Appalachian Old Time, ''Old Joe'' , ''John Henry''

Kelly Harrell & The Virginia String Band,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''My name is John''  , ''Charles Giteau''

Stanley & Ray Hicks,  Appalachian Folk, ''Roving Gambler'' (1982)

Ray Hicks,  Appalachian Folk,  ''Reuben'' (1982) , Ray and Rosa Hicks back in the day

The Hillbillies  Appalachian Old Time, "Mountaineer's Love Song" 1926 , ''Cluck Old Hen''1927

Roscoe Holcomb,  Appalachian Old Time,  more info.  ''I am a man of constant sorrow'' ''Moonshiner'' "Little Birdy"  , ''THE HILLS OF MEXICO'' , ''MISSISSIPPI HEAVY WATER BLUES'' , ''I AINT GOT NO SUGAR BABY NOW'' , ''Coney Isle'' , "Graveyard Blues" , "East Virginia" , "Little Birdie" , "Black Eyed Suzy"  , ''On Top of Old Smoky'' (1961),  At Home

       folk art outsider art tramp art old time music                         folk art outsider art tramp art old time music                        folk art outsider art tramp art old time music

Solomon and Hughes  Appalachian Old Time, ''Sally Johnson'' , ''Ragtime Annie''

Frank Hutchison , Appalachian Old Time,''KC Blues'' , ''The Wild Horse'' , ''Cannonball Blues'  , ''Worried Blues'' 1927  , ''Hutchison's Rag'' , ''Train That Carried The Girl From Town'' , ''The Chevrolet Six''

Dick Justice, Appalachian Old Time,  ''Henry Lee''  , ''Cocaine''(1929) , ''Brownskin Blues''

Earl Johnson and his Clodhoppers,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''Bully Of The Town'' , ''Ain't Nobody's Business'' , ''Boil Dem Cabbage Down'' , ''Buy A Half Pint And Stay In The Wagon Yard''

Buell Kazee  Appalachian Old Time,  ''The Cuckoo She's a Fine Bird'' , Watch Video , ''The Blind Man'' , ''Short Life Of Trouble'' , ''The Dying Soldier'' , ''I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again''  ,  ''East Virginia'' Buell Kazee Part 1  , Part 2

Leslie Keith  Appalachian Old Time,  ''Black Mountain Blues''

Clark Kessinger Appalachian Old Time , "Sally Johnson" , An overview of the career of Clark Kessinger , Kessinger Brothers ''Salt River'' , Clark Kessinger

Cordell Kemp  Appalachian Old Time,  Interview , ''Chewing Chawing Gum''

Marion Sumner  Appalachian Old Time, "Fire On The Mountain" , "Lost Indian"

Tommy Jarrell  Appalachian Old Time,  "Bonaparte's Retreat" , ''Arkansas Traveller''  ''Susan Anna'' , ''Sprout Wings and Fly'' , Flat Footing , ''Let Me Fall''(1983) , Interview with Tommy Jarrel

Bela Lam and Family, Appalachian Old Time,  ''Poor Little Benny''  , ''Dearest May''

Bascom Lamar Lunsford  Appalachian Old Time,  Watch Video , ''Mountain Dew'' , ''Dogget's Gap''  ,  ''Dry Bones'' , "Swannanoa Tunnel"  , On The Porch

McMichen & Puckett   ''Old Molly Hare'' ''Rye Straw''

Moonshine Kate  ''Little Mary Phagan''  ,  Mary Phagan Murder case , ''The Poor Girls Story''

Uncle Dave Macon  Appalachian Old Time,  Watch Video , ''Carve That Possum'' , ''KEEP MY SKILLET GOOD AND GREASY''

J.E. Mainer Appalachian Old Time,''I'm Not Turning Backward'' , ''Workin' On A Buildin'' , ''Mother's Only Sleeping''  , ''John Henry'' 1946

Wade Mainer  Appalachian Old Time,  Interview: Pt 1 , Interview: Pt 2 , Interview: Pt 3 , , David Holt: Julia and Wade Mainer songs & banjo tricks , ''John Henry'' (1946)  , ''Nobody's Darlin But Mine''  , Wade Mainer LIVE 1989

       hillbilly bluegrass music                          folk art                           J.E Mainer

Carlie Marion  Appalachian Old Time, Interview

Tommy Magness  ''When I Safely Reach The Other Shore'' (1951)

McGee Brothers  Appalachian Old Time, ''C-H-I-C-K-E-N''  , ''Chevrolet Car'' Sam McGee (Solo)

Clayton McMichen & Riley Puckett , Appalachian Old Time,  ''Rye Straw''  , Clayton McMichen  ''Old Hen Cackle''

Hoyt Ming And His Pep Steppers  Appalachian Old Time, ''Monkey In The Dogcart'' , ''Indian War Whoop''

Charles Norris     ''I Want You For My Own''


Dellie Chandler Norton  Appalachian Old Time , Watch Video , "Young Emily"

Nelstone's Hawaiians, Old Time  ''Fatal Flower Garden''

Charlie Poole and his North Carolina Ramblers, Appalachian Old Time,  ''Sweet Sunny South''  , ''If The River Was Whiskey'' , ''White House Blues''  , ''Milwaukee Blues''

Fiddlin Powers Family  Appalachian Old Time, ''Patty On The Turnpike'' , ''Old Joe Clark'' , ''Old Virginia'' , ''Ida Red'' , interview with Ada Powers

Riley Puckett, Appalachian Old Time,  ''Old Spinning Wheel'' , ''Don't Try, For It Can't Be Done''  , ''Don't Let Your Deal Go Down'' , ''Red Wing''

Blind Alfred Reed   Appalachian Old Time, "Old Fashioned Cottage" , ''Always Lift Him Up And Never Knock Him Down''

Lesley Riddle,  Appalachian Blues  "John Henry" , ''Red River blues''

Jean Ritchie, Appalachian Folk  ''Blackwaters''  , ''L and N don't stop here anymore'' , ''Shady Grove''

Dink Roberts  Appalachian Old Time, "Garfield" , "High Sheriff" , "John Hardy"

Eck Robertson,  Appalachian Old Time,  ''Sallie Gooden''  , ''Great Big Taters'' , ''Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle''  , ''Sallie Johnson Billy In The Lowground''

Elvin Rooks   ''Salty Dog Blues'' (1963)


Kinney Rorrer  Appalachian Old Time, Interview

Posey Rorer and his North Carolina Ramblers, Appalachian Old Time, ''The Drunkards Dream'' , ''Too Young To Marry''

Cumberland Ridge Runners  Appalachian Old Time, ''Goofus''

Mr. and Mrs.John Sams  Appalachian Old Time, "Wagoner's Lad" , "The Absentee"

Lee Sexton  Appalachian Old Time, ''On Preachin'' 

Uncle John Scruggs  Appalachian Old Time, ''Little Log Cabin in the Lane''

Hobart Smith  Appalachian Old Time, "Cripple Creek" , "Cuckoo Bird" , "Cripple Creek"

John Snipes  Appalachian Old Time, "Old Rattler Fox Chase"

Kilby Snow  Appalachian Old Time,  "Troubles" , "Cindy" , "Budded Roses" , ''No Tears In Heaven''

Smyth County Ramblers  Appalachian Old Time, ''My Name is Ticklish Reuben''

Roba Stanley & William Patterson   ''Devilish Mary'' , ''Single Life''

Lowe Stokes  Appalachian Old Time, ''Billy In The Lowground''

Ernest Stoneman  Appalachian Old Time , "Sweet Sunny South" , "Marching through Georgia" , Ernest Stoneman , "The Unsung Father Of Country Music" Side 1

Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers  ''Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around'' ,   ''Molly Put The Kettle On''  , ''Hog Killing Day''  , ''Down Yonder''  , ''Farmers Daughter'' ''Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand''  , ''The Girl I Left Behind Me'' , ''Cotton-Eyed Joe''

Taylor's Kentucky Boys,   Appalachian Old Time , ''Sourwood Mountain''  , ''Forked Deer'' , ''Soldier's Joy''

 Ernest Thompson, Old Time , ''Are You From Dixie'' , ''The Little Rosebud Casket''

The Four Virginians, Appalachian Old Time ,  ''New Coon In Town'' , ''Swing Your Partner'' , ''One Is My Mother''

Cas Wallin,,  Appalachian Old Time , ''Pretty Saro''(1982)

Doug Wallin,  Appalachian Old Time, "Omie Wise"  , ''Pretty Little Girl With the Blue Dress On''

Grayson and Whitter  Appalachian Old Time, ''My Mind Is To Marry'' , ''He's Coming To Us Dead'' , "Going Down The Lee Highway" , ''Handsome Molly''

     folk art outsider art tramp art old time music                            folk art outsider art tram art old time music                          folk art outsider art tram art old time music

The Watson Family  Appalachian Old Time, "Bonaparte's Retreat" , "The House Carpenter" , "Every Day Dirt"  , "Ground Hog"  , "Bonaparte's Retreat"

Henry Whitter   ''Little Brown Jug'' , ''Rain Crow Bill''

Mack Wilburn    ''Give Me The Key To Your Heart'' (1961)


The Williamson Brothers & Curry   ''Gonna Die With My Hammer In My Hand''

Red Wilson  Appalachian Old Time, Interview , ''Lee Highway Blues''

Wiley Bros.    ''Youre The Cheating Kind'' (1966)

Dave Woolum   ''Single Girl, Married Girl'' (1955)


Nimrod Workman  ''42 Years'' (1983) , At Home , Nimrod Workman's Story and Songs

The New Lost City Ramblers  Appalachian Old Time, "If I Lose, I Don't Care"  , "Buck Creek Girls" , "Leaving Home (Frankie and Johnny)" ,  'It's a Shame To Whip Your Wife On Sunday'' , Edden Hammons tune

Appalachian Life Links

Appalachian music

Appalachian English

Women of These Hills - 3 Cultures of Appalachia

Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings

Lost Settlements of the Appalachian Mountains Part 1: History of the Appalachian

Lost Tales of the Great Smoky Mountains Pioneers

Charles Kuralt, Christmas In Appalachia (1965)

1940 Applalachian Pioneer's Mountain Life And Their Children

Appalachian Journey

The Appalachians Part 1 ,  Part 2 Part 3 ,  Part 4

Appalachian Coal Mining Towns

Legendary Moonshiner: Popcorn Sutton (the day before he died)

Popcorn Sutton ~ Full Documentary

Hillbilly The Real Story

Snake Handlers at Jolo, West Virginia

Holiness Church - "Clap, Shout, and Shriek"

In Jesus' Name: Taking Up Serpents

Serpent handling service 3

Snake Handling

Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made

D. Ray White flat foot dancing - Father of Jesco White - from the Talking Feet documentary,  Hank III song about  '' D. Ray White''

Jesco White The Dancing Outlaw, From Bandytown, West Virginia , Jesco's wife Mrs. Dancing Outlaw Norma Jean White  , The World According to Jesco White ,  Hank III and Jesco White , Jesco White Interview

Wild Man from West Virginia Hasil Adkins MY BLUE STAR trailer

Appalachian Bluegrass Mountain Dulcimer

High Lonesome The Story of Bluegrass Music

Romantic Religious Duo Sing Bluegrass Style

Bluegrass Roots - These Folks Started It All

Bluegrass Musicians Let Loose in Classic Documentary

Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made

1964 Clog Dancing On The Porch With Bascom Lunsford

Dulcimer & Ballad Singer in the Bluegrass Mountains

Old Time music and dance scene around southwestern Virginia

Old Time Music

To Hear Your Banjo Play 1947

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Old-time music

Catching the Music

Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old

Talking Feet: Solo Southern Dance: Buck, Flatfoot and Tap

Old Time music and dance scene in Southwestern Virginia , 1980-1990

Nimrod Workman: To Fit My Own Category

Bluegrass Links

      folk art outsider art tramp art  hillbilly tramp art art furniture                            folk art outsider art tramp art furniture  hillbilly tramp art                           folk art outsider art tramp art furnture  hillbilly tramp art art furniture

Red Allen & The Kentuckians, Bluegrass, ''Beautiful Blue Eyes'' , ''We Live In Two Different Worlds''

Sammy Adkins and the Sandy Hook Mountain Boys, Bluegrass, ''Hot Night In August'' , ''Pig In A Pen''

Eddie Alford And The Virginia Mountain Boy, Bluegrass,s ''Answer Yes Or No'' (1959) , ''Red Bird'' (1959)

Chubby Anthony,  Bluegrass,  ''Lee Highway Blues'' , ''Lonesome Road Blues''

Armstrong Twins , Bluegrass, ''Cabin Home In Caroline'' (1948) , ''Mandolin Rag'' , ''Beetle With The Boogie Beat'' , ''Sparkling Blue Eyes''

The Bailey Brothers,  Bluegrass,  ''John Henry'' (1950) , ''Take Me Back to Happy Valley''

The Bluegrass Ramblers, Bluegrass, ''Yesterdays Love'' (1965-1966) , ''Memories'' (1964)  

Barton Brothers,  Bluegrass, ''Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'' , ''Richmond Prison''  , ''Back To Virginia''

Gloria Belle,  Bluegrass, ''TRAVELING THE HI-WAY HOME'' , ''Image On Your Mind''

Bill & Paul & Bluegrass Travelers,  Bluegrass, ''Change Of Heart'' (1962), Starday Custom Press,

Back Alley Blossoms    ''Don't Be Still, My Dear'' , ''Squirrel Hunters'' , "Aint Gonna Marry" , "Wild Bill Jones" , "Railroad Bill" , "This Train"  , ''Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie''

Bluegrass All-Stars, Bluegrass, ''John Hardy'' , ''Bugle Call Rag''

Leon Boring, Bluegrass, ''Please Come Back'' (1962)

Hylo Brown,  Bluegrass, ''The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band'' ,  ''In The Shade Of the Old Apple Tree'' , ''Handsome Molly'' , ''Truck Driving Man'' , ''Hills of Georgia''

Bob Bryant,  Bluegrass, ''Mountain Man''

Bill Box,  Bluegrass, ''Forty Miles Of Bad Road'' (1967)

The Boxcars, Bluegrass, ''She Packed All Her Things and Was Gone'' , "You Took All the Rambling Out of Me"

Buckeye Strings,  Bluegrass, ''Grandfathers Clock'' (1964)

Buzz Busby , Bluegrass, ''Weary Blues From Waiting''  , ''Just Me And The Jukebox'' (1956) , ''Lost''

Bennie and Vallie Cain, Bluegrass, ''Little Annie'' , ''My Love Is Evergreen''  , ''Somebody's Waiting For Me'' (1963) , ''Long Journey Home''


Candy Mountain Boys, Bluegrass, ''It's Hillbilly Christmas (Every Saturday)''

Porter Church, Bluegrass, ''Pike County Breakdown''  , ''Sally Goodin' ''  , ''Foggy Mountain Special''

Vassar Clements,  Bluegrass, ''Driftin' Back To Dreamland'' , ''I've Been to Georgia''

Bill Clifton,  Bluegrass,  ''Bed On The Floor'' (1962) , ''The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee'' (1957-58) , ''Corey'' (1962) , ''Walking In My Sleep''

Curly Ray Cline , Bluegrass, ''Today Has Been a Lonesome Day''  , ''Patty On the Turnpike''  , ''Cacklin' Hen''

The Country Gospel Aires, Bluegrass,  ''Climbing The Stairway To Heaven'' (1961) , 

Collins and Blackwell,  Bluegrass, ''Stumblin' Stones''  , ''Don't Break the Heart''  , ''Live and Let Live''

J. D. Crowe, Bluegrass, ''Train 45'' , ''Sally Goodin'' , ''Groundspeed''

Deterline Brothers,  Bluegrass,  ''Ashes Of Love'' (1969)

Eddie Dee,  Bluegrass, ''Journey To The Moon'' (1959)

The Dillards, Bluegrass, ''Buckin' Mule'' , "There Is A Time" , ''Duelin Banjos'' , ''Whoa Mule''  , ''Boil Them Cabbage Down'' , ''Ebo Walker''

Doug Dillard Band,  Bluegrass,   ''Gold Watch And Chain''  , ''Close The Door Lightly When You Go''

Glen Duncan,  Bluegrass, ''Sallie Gooden'' , ''Sally Johnson''

Raymond Fairchild & Crowe Bros.,  Bluegrass, ''Where the Old Red River''  , ''My Little Honeysuckle Rose''

The Country Gentlemen, Bluegrass, ''Fox On The Run''

Gene & Joe,  Bluegrass, ''Im Goin Back''

Lester Flatt, Bluegrass, "Bluebirds Singing for Me" with Marty Stuart, ''Little Cabin Home''  , ''I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home''

Bobby Gee & Redd, Bluegrass, ''Cornbread And Buttermilk'' (1969)

Josh Graves & The Foggy Mountain Boys, Bluegrass, ''Wreck Of The Old '97'' , ''Fireball''  , ''Cincinatti Rag''  , ''Groundhog''

The Goins Brothers,  Bluegrass, ''Bully of the Town'' , ''Cabin In Caroline'' ,  ''On the Way Home''

John Hartford, Bluegrass, ''Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms'' , John Hartford & Johnny Cash - Tribute to Bill Monroe Medly

John Herald Band, Bluegrass, ''Ruby'' , ''I Still Got It Bad''

Aaron Hicks & Noah Hollon, Bluegrass, ''I'm leaving You Today''

Howard & Gerald,  Bluegrass, ''On The Banks Of The Ohio'' (1970)

Jimmy Howard,  Bluegrass  ''My Blue Ridge Cabin Home'' (1965)

Johnson Mountain Boys,  Bluegrass  ''Orange Blossom Special'' , ''Boys-Daniel Prayed''  , ''I Can Tell You the Time''

Hunt Brothers,  Bluegrass  ''Plunkin' the Ol' Five''

Carl Jackson,  Bluegrass  ''Jerusalem Ridge'' , ''Foggy Mountain Breakdown''

TOMMY JACKSON Bluegrass  ''Black Mountain Rag'' , ''Cotton Eyed Joe''

 Jim Clark,  Bluegrass,  ''Longing For Kentucky'' (1965)

Snuffy Jenkins  Bluegrass , ''Alabama Jubilee'' , ''Long Journey Home''

Jim & Jesse McReynolds,  Bluegrass, ''I Miss You all the Time'' , ''My Baby's Gone'' , ''When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold'' , ''I Wonder Where You Are Tonight''

Little Joe,  Bluegrass,  'Music (Country Style)'' (1960)

Al Jones,  Bluegrass, ''Out In The Country'' (1965) , Al Jones & Frank Necessary    ''Chattanooga Dog''

Buddy Jones, Bluegrass, ''Will You Love Me Someday''

Johnny and Gerald,  Bluegrass, ''There's Something About the Way You Love''

Johnson Mountain Boys,  Bluegrass,  ''I Can Tell You the Time'' , ''I Could Change My Mind''  , ''Five Speed'' , ''I've Found a Hiding Place''

Ernest Stacey & Harlin Kazy,  Bluegrass,  ''I Do'' (1962)  , ''I Made Up My Mind'' (1962)

The Kentuckians,  Bluegrass,  ''The Mountains Are Calling'' (1967)

Keen Brothers,  Bluegrass,  ''Lonely Old Home'' , ''Red Apple Rag''

Alison Krauss & Union Station, Bluegrass,  Live Louisville 2002  Full show

L.W. Lambert,  Bluegrass, ''Nine Pound Hammer'' , ''I Won't Write To You Little Darlin' ''

Lonesome Pine Fiddlers  Bluegrass, ''Windy Mountain''  , "Don't Forget Me" 1950 , ''Lost In This World'' , ''Pain In My Heart''

Ted Lundy,  Bluegrass, ''Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home'' , ''Sally Ann'' , ''Wasted Tears''

 folk art outsider art tram art old time music            folk art outsider art tram art old time music                        

Wade Mainer, Bluegrass, ''Little Birdie'' (1953) ,  ''Worried Man Blues''

Tommy Magness, Bluegrass  ''When I Safely Reach The Other Shore'' (1951)  , ''Rain Crow Breakdown'' ,

Jimmy Martin  Bluegrass, ''Poor Ellen Smith'' ''Tennessee'' , ''Freeborn man'' , ''Honey You Don't Know My Mind'' , Jimmy Martin at Home,  ''Widow Maker''

Mac Martin,  Bluegrass,  ''My Bonnie'' , ''This World Can't Stand Long''

Steve Martin , Bluegrass,  ''Foggy Mountain Breakdown'' ,  "When You Get To Asheville" , ''Sarah Jane and the Iron Mountain Baby'' , ''Pretty Little One''

Maynard and Don,  Bluegrass, ''The Fields Have Turned Brown''

Del McCoury  Bluegrass, ''Same Kind of Crazy'' , 4/12/14 Full Concert , ''Blue Side of Town'' , ''Bluegrass Stomp'' ,''The Streets of Baltimore''  , ''Nashville Cats''  ,''Vincent Black Lightning''

Sam and Kirk McGee  Bluegrass, ''Roll On Buddy'' , National Life Opry Show 1967 , ''My Gals A High Born Lady''

 McCormick Brothers Bluegrass ''I`m Happy To Know'' , ''McCormick`s String Picnic'' , ''Banjo Twist'' (1954)  , ''Darling Why Cant You Be True'' (1957)

Bill Mcelreath. Bluegrass,  ''Shout Lula''

Sonny Miller,  Bluegrass,  ''Blackberry Blossom''

Mike Lilly and Wendy Miller,  Bluegrass, ''Hook It''  , ''Up Jumped the Devil

The Monroe Brothers,  Bluegrass  ''New River Train'' (1936) , ''Sinner You Better Get Ready''

Bill Monroe  Bluegrass, 1965 Fincastle Bluegrass Festival , ''Uncle Pen'' , The Wayfaring Stranger , ''Southern Flavor'' , BILL MONROE & HIS BLUEGRASS BOYS first ever filmed , ''Blue Grass Breakdown''(1965) , Bill Monroe performance and interview, 1986

Charlie Moore & Bill Napier,  Bluegrass, ''I Believe in the Old Time Way'' , ''Our Fathers Had Religion Long Ago'' , ''Springtime in Heaven'' , ''Grundy Hoedown''

Frank Necessary, Bluegrass, ''Birth of the Blues'' , Al Jones and Frank Necessary  ''Come Back To Me In My Dreams'', and ''Give Mother My Crown'' ,  Molly O'Day   ''Poor Ellen Smith'' , ''Six More Miles'' , ''Travelin' the Highway Home''

Bill Neat & Rex Roat , Bluegrass, ''White Mule'' (1965)

Wilbur Newman,  Bluegrass, ''The Old Home Place''

Charles Norris,  Bluegrass  ''Explain This Thing To Me'' , ''I Want You For My Own''

The Earls of Leicester,  Bluegrass  ''Hot Corn, Cold Corn'' , ''Dim Light, Thick Smoke''

Lonzo & Oscar  Bluegrass, more info.  , WATCH VIDEO ,  ''Mountain Dew'' , ''Got It On My Mind'' , ''I'm My Own Grandpa''   , ''Listening To The Rain''  ,

Osborne Brothers  Bluegrass, more info. , ''Ruby'' , ''The Cuckoo Bird'' , ''Muleskinner Blues' , ''Rocky Top''  , ''Up This Hill And Down''  , ''Son of a Sawmill Man''

Sonny Osborne, Bluegrass, ''Letter From My Darlin'' ''Uncloudy Day''  , ''Letter From My Darlin''

Buddy Pennington,  Bluegrass, ''Buddy's Stomp''

Pete Pike,  Bluegrass, ''Little Maggie'' , ''Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow''

Pinnacle Mountain Boys,  Bluegrass,  ''Cheater of the Year'' , ''Let Me Live Again''

Poteet Brothers ,  Bluegrass, ''Blue Grass On The Moon''

      folk art                        tramp art                       folk art

Don Reno and Smiley, Bluegrass, "Talk Of The Town" , ''I'm using my Bible for a roadmap'' , ''Mule Skinner Blues''

The Revisors,  Bluegrass,  ''High On The Mountain'' (1974)

Larry Richardson  Bluegrass, ''My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast''

Tony Rice, Bluegrass, ''Ten Degrees and Getting Colder'' , ''Blue Railroad Train'' , ''Cold On The Shoulder'' , ''Tipper''

Bob Riley and Warren Poindexter,  Bluegrass, ''Rocky Road Blues''

Elvin Rooks,  Bluegrass, ''Salty Dog Blues'' (1963)

 Kelly Rogers,  Bluegrass, ''Let Her Roll'' (1968)

Peter Rowan, Bluegrass, ''Cold Rain and Snow''  , "Midnight Moonlight," , ''Panama Red & Hobo Song''

Pert Near Sandstone, Bluegrass ''Solid Gone'' , ''Wild Bill Jones'' , ''Appalachian Girl'' , ''Give The Fiddler A Dram'' , ''Just One Day'' ''20 Cups Of Coffee'' , ''Hang Me''

Carl Sauceman and The Green Valley Boys  Bluegrass, ''Watermelon Song'' , ''Who-Ah'' , ''We'll Be Rewarded'' , ''Locked Away From Your Heart''

Sauceman Brothers, Bluegrass, ''Your Trouble Ways Keep Us Apart''

Flatt & Scruggs  Bluegrass, more info. , ''Canaan's Land'' , ''Randy Lynn Rag'' , ''Foggy Mountain Special''  , The Beverly Hillbillies Season 4 Episode 25 - Flatt and Scruggs Return , ''Cripple Creek'' , ''Wildwood Flower''  , ''Mountain Dew'' , ''On My Mind''

Earl Scruggs, Bluegrass, ''Foggy Mountain Breakdown'' , ''Fireball Mail'' , ''Ground Speed''

The Seldom Scene, Bluegrass, ''Rider''1979  , 'Wait a Minute'' , ''After Midnight''

Allen Shelton,  Bluegrass, ''Bugle Call Rag'' , ''Shuckin' The Corn''

George Shuffler, Bluegrass,  ''Another Day, Another Dollar''

Jim Shumate, Bluegrass,  ''Cabin In Caroline'' , ''Mean Old Ramblin' Blues''

Junior Sisk, Bluegrass, ''Like A Train Without A Track''

Ricky Skaggs, Bluegrass,  ''Get Up John'' , ''My Father's Son''

Jimmie Skinner Bluegrass, ''Fallen Leaves''

Sloas Brothers, Bluegrass,  ''Loving Grace of God''  , ''Those Two Blue Eyes''

Sloppy Joe  Bluegrass band from central Wisconsin. Original songs. Wonderful voices and an washtub bass, banjo, saw etc. Take a listen. New bluegrass sound! They call it slopgrass. Great bluegrass band!! Original / Traditional Bluegrass Sloppy Joe at Springfest 2008  WATCH VIDEO , Sloppy Joe UWSP , ''Midnite Farmer'' , Sloppy Joe Band magnoliafest 2013 , More Magfest 2013

Larry Sparks, Bluegrass, "Momma"  , ''I Don't Regret A Mile''

Leamond Sparks, Bluegrass, ''I Might Of Known'' (1964)

Stanley Brothers,  Bluegrass, more info. , ''Rank Strangers'' , ''How Mountain Gals Can Love'' , ''It Takes A Worried Man'' ,''Roving Gambler'' - Live August 7 1956

Ralph Stanley, Bluegrass, ''The Clinch Mountain Backstep'' , ''Jacob's Vision'' , ''Man of Constant Sorrow'' ,  ''Will The Circle Be Unbroken''

Ernest Stacey & Harlin Kazy, Bluegrass, ''I Made Up My Mind'' (1962) , ''I Do'' (1962)

Thornton Spencer, Bluegrass, ''Lonesome Day''

Carl Story,   ''Cabin in Glory''

Stone Mountain Boys Bluegrass, ''White Lightning'' (1966) , ''Turn The Page''

Don Stover , Bluegrass, ''Ramblin' and Gamblin''  , ''Black Diamond''

Stringbean  Bluegrass, ''Run Little Rabbit Run'' , ''Good Ol' Mountain Dew'', ''Fishin' Song'' , Stringbean, Earl Scuggs and the boys - ''Herding Cattle'' , ''Hillbilly Music Goin' Round'' , ''It's Mighty Dark To Travel''  , The Ballad of String Bean and Estelle

Reno And Smiley  Bluegrass, more info. Don Reno and Red Smiley 1962 Pilot TV Show Pt 1 , Don Reno and Red Smiley 1962 Pilot TV Show Pt 2 , Reno And Smiley 1957 Earliest Known Footage.   "Big Train"

The Revisors,  Bluegrass,  ''High On The Mountain'' (1974)

Tater Tate,  Bluegrass, ''Down Yonder' , "Cricket Hop" , ''Cattle In the Cain''

Earl Taylor & His Stoney Mountain Boys,  Bluegrass  ''The Prisoner's Song' , ''Fox Chase'' ,  ''I`ll Newer Let You Weary My Mind Any More''

The Tillers,  Bluegrass,  ''There Is A Road (Route 50)''  , ''Train That Carried My Girl From Town'' , ''Willy Dear''  , Rachel Reichert  Playing Jug with The Tillers

Vern and Ray,  Bluegrass,  ''Poor Ellen Smith''  , ''Flyin' Cloud'' , ''Last Old Shovel''

Virginia Drifters, Bluegrass,  ''Rounder's Blues''

Keith Whitley, Bluegrass, ''Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone''

Mack Wilburn,  Bluegrass, ''Give Me The Key To Your Heart'' (1961)

Blake Williams,  Bluegrass  ''Golden Mountain'' , ''Pike County Breakdown''

Paul Williams,  Bluegrass,  ''I'm Left All Alone''

Lester Wilson ,  Bluegrass,  ''Cold Winter Blues''

Chubby Wise, Bluegrass,  "Orange Blossom Special" , Chubby Wise - Lester Flatt - Bill Monroe , ''FADED LOVE''

Dave Woolum, Bluegrass, ''Single Girl, Married Girl'' (1955)

Jack Youngblood,  Bluegrass,  ''Maiden's Prayer''

Rusty York,  Bluegrass,  ''Cindy''

Stacy York And The Cumberland Highlanders,  Bluegrass,  ''Sweetheart Of Mine Can't You Hear Me Calling''

SUNSET PARK -1992 Documentary on the famed country and bluegrass music park in West Grove, PA. Filmed one year prior to the park closing in 1993.

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